Netflix Story Review: “Chokher Bali” by Rabindranath Tagore

For people like us who can only comprehend meaning from a piece of art as it was meant to be understood, I can only manage to serve my understanding and my opinion after consuming it. I got mixed feelings from this controversial story of Chokher Bali where I learned about the restrictions of women in displaying their wants and emotions towards the world and the culture that they lived in, in the ancient era. Continue reading Netflix Story Review: “Chokher Bali” by Rabindranath Tagore

Ekushey (21st) February- an emotion embedded in the heart of every Bangladeshi

21st February might just be a date for any other native in this world but for us the Bangladeshis, it is not. It is the day to commemorate the martyrs who lost their lives in fighting for establishing Bengali as our mother tongue, back in the year 1952. On this day, we put on clothes of the colors black and white to respect the tragic … Continue reading Ekushey (21st) February- an emotion embedded in the heart of every Bangladeshi

10 year anniversary achievement for blogging

So I wake up this morning and I see this notification in my WordPress site- anniversary achievement for having blogging since 10 years! Wow, I never knew that it’s been 10 years already. I was looking back at the posts that I’ve made and it was sure a joy in seeing what I’ve accomplished over the years. So I take this opportunity to reintroduce myself … Continue reading 10 year anniversary achievement for blogging

A Letter to my Toddler

Dear Ayeman,

While you are sleeping peacefully by my side in this gloaming afternoon, I’m writing this letter to you for you to read when you grow up to be 18 or 20 years old. It’s been a tiring day for me as I was busy with you since morning. I’ve already washed all your feeding bottles before you woke up, then played with you with the new colorful toys that I have bought for you for this Eid. After that I gave you a bath and cooked your meal. I fed you your meal for lunch and then tucked you to sleep when you were done. Well this is my daily routine though and you won’t understand since you are my little baby of 1.5yrs old. What you do need to understand however is that I love you and I don’t see all these chores as pain. I love taking care of you.

Last night I had a terrible pain in my tummy. You see it’s Ramadan time now and I’ve been fasting everyday since sunrise to sunset, just like your papa and grandparents. I went to bed early last night to get some sleep and overcome the pain but you were in the mood of playing. You sat over my tummy and played horse-riding. I wanted to put you down but the sparkling joy in your face couldn’t let me do that. So I let you play for as long as you wanted to and this increased my pain. It’s okay my son, you are just a baby, my precious loved one. I can endure all pain for you. I guess this is how parents are. I understand that my mum and dad must have done the same for me when I was your age. We only realize the sacrifices of our parents when we become one ourselves. I want you to know that all these challenges are difficult indeed and this is why I expect you to be nice and obedient to your parents always.

Did you know that we are going through the period of a pandemic right now? The entire world is under the terror of this coronavirus that has killed so many people already. I pray to my God everyday to keep you safe and healthy in the midst of this terrible pandemic. It’s the holy Eid-ul-fitr tomorrow and we all will have to celebrate this Eid at our own homes. There will be no guests coming neither will we visit others, unlike your first Eid. This is why I bought toys for you instead of clothes- a xylophone, a truck, blocks and puzzle games. You seem to be liking these a lot. Don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself below!

Your toys!

Oops you are moving a lot, seems like you will wake up in a minute. Hence no more for today, I will write to you again soon. Eid Mubarak!

Love you,


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