This world is more like a mirror; it looks at you the way you look at yourself, the way you represent yourself to it. Things you may achieve from the world simply depends on things you can serve yourself with. Those can be love, respect, priority, confidence and beyond all, pride and dignity. Make yourself worth to ‘You’ and then to the others.

Even few days back, these lines were not as clear to me as today. I am so much happy and satisfied with myself than ever before. Before, when I was nothing less than a liquid solution that would alter its shape according to the shape of the container it’s stored in.

I still remember in my school life, when I was very young, people who were appreciated by all or somehow touched my soul deeply, always inspired me. They were my true icons that I believed could lead me towards the ultimate destination of my life. I always desired and tried to become somewhat like them so as to get myself appreciated as well.

Every time I tried doing things like them, looking like them or participating into activities that are generally undertaken by them, I failed. I felt discouraged and confused of the fact that why I cannot become who I want instead of who I am supposed to be.

That was the time when I considered myself as a loser. How I wished I have known then that a person can never become similar to another. Or else this world would have filled with clones and non-existence of diverse stories. When I figured out the reason as for why I wanted to be transformed, I urged never to be.

I always thought that the kind of person I really am, might not be acceptable to the others. So I insisted myself to become someone preferable to everybody. But then I gave myself a chance and tried looking on the positive aspects of my persona. As a matter of consequence, I found that there is nothing unacceptable in me; in fact what I possessed was unique and adorable. I realized that even if there was a flaw, why should I care?

I unconsciously identified myself out. The colors that I have always looked for on others were there with me all the time. And they were even brighter and beautiful. The person I found concealing in myself was elegant, ambitious, emotional and yet confident. A person who is lovable towards the nature, adorable to the elders, lesson to the youngsters and yes, acceptable to all! I finally know who I am and what my priorities are.

According to my belief, each human being is created uniquely to serve for special purposes, to innovate the undiscovered or more precisely to utilize their capabilities. I also believe that everyone is thrown into a battlefield of life where each of us has to play, if not all then sit back as an audience.

Today I am confident enough to consider myself as a player and ready to play. Surely I do not know what lies ahead but what I do is that, ‘It’s worth a try!’


**Picture is of my violin taken by me. (Copyrighted)


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