How to Make Good Friends :)

I never really had a lot of friends in my life. The number always maintained the range 2-3. I have to concede it’s entirely my fault because I never communicate with people much beyond formal needs. I just expect people to come up and talk to me rather than me approaching them and start a conversation. I know it sounds ridiculous but trust me this has always been the case. It’s probably because I feel I don’t have that enough friendly skill in me to motivate people or I’m not that energetic mentally for which people would think I’m fun to talk to. I have always had this terrible discouragement in my heart that if people really found out what a great piece of waste I am to be friends with, I will break down into thousand of pieces.

These facts can be acclaimed on the basis of some inexpedient flaws that I can see in myself. Like, I would never interfere among a group of people talking cheerfully about any particular subject no matter how much more I knew about that than them. I would always be rejecting if my friends would ask me to hang out with them, whether consciously or unconsciously considering it something as if it’s always been forbidden for me. I would never call my friends up when I needed them the most thinking it would be gratuitous of me to do so. I know there are a lot of people like me out here who feels the same way as I do, though they might not want to admit the truth.

Speaking of being truthful, what a fool I made of myself all these years. I should have known then that friendship isn’t something that you have to embellish before being in but something so precious that will get YOU embellished instead by the time you are in one of them. It’s the rhythm of life and no matter how animosity you hold against music you will always get dragged in. Well I’m not an adversary to music and so before losing any friends of the least I had, I tried to get into the rhythm of friendship. And yes indeed I didn’t have to lose any of them or rather I gained myself more! Being honest, there is not really any secret to reveal or truth to unravel the key to friendship.

I worked a lot on finding out what it takes to get added on someone’s friend list. Do I have to change myself? Be friendlier? Will I get on someone’s nerves if I got too irritating by being too friendly? Or should I just stay the same? But if I remained the same, why don’t I have plenty of friends? The questions made me ponder seriously. I wondered what makes me get pleased on any one whom I consider friend. But then I realized that it’s their concern about me whether I was on trouble or not; their sweet pieces of advice when I’m not sure which track of life to move on with; their fitful ‘hi-hellos’ to me even when we are in touch regularly. And just then I found out all the answers to my questions.

It’s ‘Caring’! Caring for them more than you actually feel. Calling them up for reasons and sometimes for no reasons at all. Being supportive at all their wild imaginations no matter how insane they might seem but then again zapping them back to reality when it’s time. Dropping by a line at facebook or texting a tiny sms ending with a smiling emoticon, in the middle of whatever misery you are struggling on. Tiny and affable texts like these are ought to make a friend if the friendship is true!

*”My friend is like an egg, I accept it even though it’s slightly cracked!”

*”A friend is like a book that has to be read to appreciate its beauty. As such, you are one of the finest books ever written. How I wish you could be reprinted!!”

*”If you find yourself in a dark room with bloods flowing everywhere and the walls shaking, then don’t be afraid my dear friend, cause you are in the safest place, you are in my heart.”

*”Friend is SWEET when it’s new. It is SWEETER when it’s true. It is SWEETEST when it’s YOU!”

Well I won’t say that I have got myself a million of friends today now that I know how to make friends. I still have got a limited number of friends in my friend list of life. But I have got them for real, some real friends whom I can count on and be counted as well. Some precious friends that I know are thinking of me before I get to sleep, adding just a few more reasons to live a happy life.

So next time when you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that how great and special they are!!


4 thoughts on “How to Make Good Friends :)

  1. as time passes, you know who your true friends are… my numbers have dropped drastically from the high 20’s to now 4. That is a quite a drop. I don’t think I have changed much, circumstances have…people walk in while other walk out, only the one’s that matter stay thru think and thin. What would the world be without friends?

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    • Absolutely. Numbers don’t matter when it comes to friends, you can be quite happy with your life even with a single good friend who chooses to be by your side in all circumstances. And that’s all that matters :)

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