I wish I could play violin!

It’s been a while that I particularly took interest in music instruments. Learning to play one has always been my dream. But due to the lack of convenient time, I never really had the scope to learn to play. But after a long time of waiting I have finally set aside all my ignorance towards it. Watching my cousin to learning to play one has stimulated back the interest that I had since all these years. So what’s she playing? None other than one of the most beautiful instrument of fine art and music, ‘the violin’. Yes what else could be more appealing to the ears of a listener than the soothing tone from an expert’s violin? It’s been said that the tone of a violin is so attractive that it can bring tears to the listener. I wouldn’t have believed this old saying if I had not listened someone play myself. Before learning to play one I took some time researching about it on the net and heard some great violinists’ tunes.  I have to admit that I was truly struck with what they played with their violins; in some cases I had goose bumps on my skin.

It’s a widely common and very demanding instrument throughout the world. One can easily earn a lot of money along with fame by playing it. This very artistic instrument is made of very unusual elements so as to sound better in earlier times. The varnish was made from liquids contained bodily fluids, even animal blood! Certain violins have a reddish color due to this treatment. The first centers of violin making were in northern Italy and it was first developed in the early to mid 1500’s. Although originating in western culture, use of the violin has spread into many cultures throughout the world.

There’s actually a lot great music played on violins but since I’m new into this, the tones that I’ve looked for the most and prefer to play once I’m done learning it (hopefully) are, ‘kiss the rain’ from Twilight and ‘nearer my God to thee’ from Titanic. You can look for this two on the YouTube and I bet it will be less than a minute for you to wish, ‘if only I could play a violin’!

P.S.  Here’s some good links on YouTube of the great music of violin that you might want to check out.

Kiss the rain- Yiruma Violin Cover

Titanic Electric Violin Cover

Titanic Carlos Molnar Violin

Titanic song Violin

(Photo: Collected from the Web)


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