Things you’ll leave behind and miss so badly..

It’s 8 p.m. now where I’m sitting, on a comfortable chair, at the middle of my room, where pictures of my favorite band, characters and my favorite quotes are hanging on the walls around me, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘how it will be like to look back at myself once I’m all grown up’?

It gives me Goosebumps because of that touch of uncertainty on my thoughts. ‘Uncertain’- isn’t that what we all are right now, of the ‘self’ that we are going to be 10 years from now?

If I live up to then, I’ll be 30 and would probably have finished my graduation and masters. I may have a respective job in an accountancy firm for which I’m working so hard now. I would have a family of my own, and may afford to own things to myself apart from those of my parents. I may have the capacity of doing all those things that I want to do for me now.
OR, it may all be different!
But whatever it may be, one thing is certain, that once I reach the age when I’m 10 years older than I am today, there will be lot of things of ‘today’ that I will miss so badly.

Let me just try and short list few of them:

1. A tiny world assembling of all those things which complete me- My Room

2. My favorite music instrument which I (try to) play whenever I’m lonely, sad or happy- My Violin

3. The kind of music I listen to- soft music, country music, rock and roll, heavy metal..

4. The funny and informal ways I like to accessorize me with, even in formal occasions (!)- Plenty of finger and toe ring and Colorful bracelets mostly of beads.

5. My short collection of novels among which, ‘Mansfield Park’ the one I’ve neatly stored in my bookshelf yet never had the patience to read (I’ve attempted 5 times).

6. The three most important diaries of my life-

My personal notebook– My ‘intangible’ best friend with whom I share all my memorable events of life with. It might be impossible for one to believe that I’ve even got a name for it! (No, I’m not mentally retarded).

My notebook– where I let all my thoughts out to play along the pages, at the end of the day which becomes something qualified enough to get published on MyEC!

My diary for Quotes– this is where I jot down all sweet and wise quotes which I can refer to at any moment and get lightened up (I think I’ll hold on to this for as long as I live).

7. My Wardrobe- And how messy it is!

All these items of my list are pretty much common on the lists of every one of us. We all have these few tiny things on our life that make us who we are today, complete and confident man and woman. And though these are no big things to leave behind someday, but these are SURE one of those that helps us get through some big decisions at some point of our life.

As for me, once I’m the new me on 10 yrs from now, those silly accessories might seem embarrassing to me, but one thing I’ll know for sure, even then, is that those very ‘silly’ things had once made me feel so beautiful!

(Photo: Collected from the Web)


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