I Love You Mom

“Where’s my towel?”

“Mom, where have I kept my watch?”

“Madam, does this vegetable need more water?”

I’m getting late mum, where’s my breakfast?”


All these questions from different members of the family are answered by none but one, my mother, “coming, right here!”

Who else but her knows every requirements of the family so well? Yet everybody knows she’s the only one person who can meet those. Ever since I was born, I’m watching her do so much for the family that sometimes it scares me off thinking what will I do for my family when I have one of my own.

My mom is a graphics designer by profession. But she feels more prestigious and proud to say, “I am a Mother”.  She is multi-talented person who possesses a wide range of knowledge at many fields. Since my childhood I have watched her make beautiful dolls out of clothes, draw sceneries on canvas, make designs on pieces of clothes, make crystal stuffs out of wax and sew anything such as cushion covers, dresses, etc. I don’t know yet that what on earth regarding art is left that’s beyond her knowledge.

Excluding art there’s also lots of other things that my mom knows about. She loves reading and so has many beautiful words in her stock of vocabulary. I often jot them down in my personal notebook. I wrote this one down when u was very disappointed from one of my academic results and that’s when she consoled me with these words- “Always remember, life will want me to fail but I WILL win”. These words may sound ordinary to many but at that time it made a difference in my life. It encouraged me to move on with confidence.

My mom has medicine to every disease and failures. She’s the most encouraging to me. I have never attended any exams in my life without her waiting and praying for me outside the exam hall.

I can see hope in her eyes in the midst of pain and frustrations which boosts me towards a successful career. She can make me believe in things I can’t even dream of.

Sometimes I try things little too hard just to keep up to her expectations. She dreams of all her children to be no !, though we laugh at ourselves inside, we try to fulfill it.



I would like you to know that there’s no such precious thing on this earth that I can give you which can ever be compared to what you have always given me, that’s why the only precious thing that I can give to you, which comes straight from the deepest core of my heart is simply, “I LOVE YOU!”


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