The Love of the Family Remains..

Life is often beautiful yet shocking for people who steps into the teen age.  It is ravishing when things start to appear as perfectly as is thought.

She was a wonderful girl with full of enthusiasm and creativity in her. Youthfulness was just an additional point to her personality. As teenage is defined to be an adventures time; when people don’t seem to have the ability to justify between the wrong and the right, she did not know what path of life she was choosing to move on. All she knew was that she is going through a path where uncertainty is its key factor. She continued anyway, knowing her companion would rescue her from all the difficulties of life. She loved the way how he looked into her eyes. As such she couldn’t deny to say ‘yes’ when he finally proposed her one day. The two started a new journey towards life with a family of two that soon became four.

But things started to become unfamiliar. The father of her two children grew more conscious regarding business in order to meet their requirements. Even she had less time for romance when trying to cook the daily meal for the family. Everything went on smoothly; the life, the family and the time.

Twenty five years later, the time wasn’t the same and the children weren’t in the same place either. Time has taken them along and placed in different paths. But something remained the same, the love and emotions of the parents. The parents, once been the young teenagers of the past, were no longer young. The color of their hair has turned into grey and the twinkling eyes did not seem to twinkle anymore. Still they looked at each other’s eyes and sought for the answer to the question that they have never asked before, ‘how has so much of time passed along without us having the tiniest hint?’

Of course they did not have a single hint because they were too busy guiding their children’s lives, just like their parents have once guided theirs. All they could realize then was the love that the family once had and still has though the time has never stayed behind to witness.


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