As we walk along the long run of our life (the restaurant), the dish that we seek for the most is the, ‘achievement’. If you are not sure of how it tastes, then here’s a short description of it:

~faith in oneself~
~an invincible mind~


First pick out an empty bowl and place a huge piece of ‘target’. Cut it into two pieces and work along with the bigger one. Then add 1/2 liter of ‘hope’ and mix it with the sprinkles of ‘love’ and ‘care’. Then marinate it with the ‘faith’ and leave it for the night by storing in your ‘heart’. Put in the pan the next day and stir with ‘persistence’ until it’s strong enough to be served and decorated with ‘an invincible mind’ which tastes pretty much like this message. ‘should you ever fall apart from your dream, dare to stand up and fight again until you win’.

(Photo: Collected from the Web)


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