Courtesy is Important!

Jill was chatting with her friend the other day online when suddenly they caught up on an argument followed by a joke that Jill had cracked about the friend, Brian, which he could not take as lightly. Their bitterness on the conversation took a rough point when Brian copied the exact line of what Jill had joked him about, their mutual friend Robert, and pasted it on the Facebook wall of Robert. Regardless to mention that the consequence did turn out as could be predicted by anyone; all of the three friends ended up on a bad note of their friendship.

So, what went wrong? The lack of courtesy that Brian failed to show from his side. Though Jill did crack an unacceptable joke, or as Brian might have thought at that time, to what extent was it wise for Brian to post a sentence directly from a private chat conversation to a publicly viewed space like Facebook, where anyone can view each other’s wall posts (if not customized otherwise)?

With our technology improving everyday, it is highly essential to improve our carefulness of what we want to mean and what we want to actually say to others online. Facebook, Twitter, My space, MSN, Google Talk, whichever you name, all are sources where we get to connect with people by having conversations sent and received online. It is therefore very easy to get one’s privacy violated by doing simply what Brian did.

Though today we are possessed more by the social life we find online rather than on reality, the need of courtesy should not to be forgotten. We must maintain our sense of protecting other people’s privacy by limiting the  use of many chances available to make someone seem bad to others just to for the sake of rivalries or revenge.


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