Customes that lie within Grandparents

The beautiful garden holding the aesthetic sense of the nature always drew my attention ever since I was young. The different kinds of flowers in different colors attracted me the most. Especially the sunflowers, facing the sun, as if expressing their gratitude for nourishing them with his rays of light. One morning, when I saw such a sunflower in the garden I couldn’t resist the greed of holding it in my hands. So I asked my mom to get it for me since it was the biggest and the most beautiful one that I have ever seen.

The garden was my Dada’s beautiful dream that came into existence as assumed by me since I have always watched him taking care of it as one his children. To enhance the beauty of the garden we were not allowed to enter it so often, and tearing off the flowers were strictly prohibited.

So when I stood there, grieving for not having the sunflower, Dada arrived. He entered his garden, tore off the sunflower and handed it over to me. He then took me inside and announced to everyone, “I have just handed over the first and biggest sunflower of my garden to my granddaughter”. This was certainly one of the best memories of my childhood and as I still remember I had restored the sunflower in a box with me till its very last petal fell off. That was my Dada, the love that he was able to grow on each of our hearts made us move on though he the one who didn’t since 27th Nov 2006.


Everybody’s rushing, the train is going to depart in an hour and nobody’s ready yet. All busy with last minute check-ups; all but one, who’s ready on time, maintaining his usual sense of punctuality. Well that’s my Nana, perfectly dressed in white shirt and brown trouser, looking absolutely handsome. But there’s only one problem, his over sized belly. “Paanmonary, see if you can fix it”, said he as I was dragged into his room by the scent of Giorgio Armani, that he had put on from his huge collection of perfume brands. He was being unable to button the top button of his trouser. Instead of being of help, I started laughing and said, “See, you shouldn’t have eaten that much, you don’t even fit on your clothes now”! He smiled endearingly and called my younger brother for help. We all three tried our best and succeeded in buttoning up his trouser with him being fully ready now for our trip to Cox’s Bazar with the matching brown suit on his shoulder.

I once asked my Nana as for why he calls me with this weird name, Paanmonary. He replied, “Because you make me paans when I ask you to”. We, all his grandchildren have had such spectacular time with him for which it’s so hard for us to move on without his presence. It was 2nd of January of this year when he suddenly got very sick and after struggling for life and death for four long days, he finally left his last breath on 6th Jan 2011.

Such incidents are merely memories once they are left behind which I still want to hold on even when my beloved grandfathers are no longer with me. Grandparents are roots of the family and as my sister puts on, “They are precious gems that we learn to value once they are gone”. It’s their guided path that we walk through today; it’s because of them that we are secured even in the terrible times and discouraged of failing in exam, having wrong companies or getting entangled with any wrong deeds. How often do we realize them and their priorities in our lives? Losing them is like losing the roof off our heads. My grandfathers were very honest human beings and growing up under the shades of their strong personalities, rules and regulations have undoubtedly enlightened both my present and future. They are in all aspects, my inspiration, my strength and the reasons to prosper in my life.

May Allah grace them both with all the joy and happiness in heaven- Amen.



Article published in The Chorus: 01/02/2011 (local newspaper of Bangladesh)

Picture: Collected from internet


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