My Hobby, My Space

Rhene was always interested in plantation. She was well aware of the names of all species of plants and showed much interest in knowing the unknown. Her parents were not much of conservative type, so they let their daughter fulfill her passion for plants by providing her a small space for gardening near the lawn. Ever since then Rhene’s small garden turned out to be a research centre of plants for her. She grew different species of plants and experimented with them thoroughly. Apparently she tended to become one of the best botanists of the country. Now if she looks back, she realizes how that little initiative taken by her parents for her has changed her life forever. And according to her parents, they have done that merely for her happiness.

Monty possesses a different personality apart from Rhene. He is more interested in paintings. There are no such things that he has not tried on his sketch book. But his family is strict enough for stuffs that lie beyond the limit of his studies. They are more convinced in making him an aspiring physicist than a mere painter. In the long run of life, Monty is now found to become neither a physicist nor a painter due to the excessive pressurization by his parents. He has become a frustrated young man. He is not the only sufferer now; his entire family is the victim of this terrible mistake by not letting him choose his career himself.

The above instances are not real stories perhaps, but we all are somehow aware of these in our daily lives. Some of us have even gone through this life. Many wise people initiate to make time for their hobbies yet many of them think it’s a waste of time. Hobbies need not to be of notions that may prosper one’s life in future. It is a space to express the other side of one’s creative personality. It can be of sports, gardening, painting, music, collection of any particular material, etc. It does not require any special talent other than a positive will of innovating something on one’s own. Some lucky people even get to establish their hobbies as sole professions or some as their back-up of profession.

Therefore hobbies should be given importance. There are many people who think that giving attention to other things is a waste of time whereas it sometimes may become the secondary source of income. It is to be remembered that hobbies are worth giving one chance. Not because it may prosper one’s life but because it creates an additional reason for enjoying and existing in life. It creates a different world to be lost in alone. Life can be led for any reason at all, then why not with a space for wholly one’s own?

Article published in The Chorus: 04/11/2010 (local newspaper of Bangladesh)

(Photo: Collected from the Web)


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