NSU 16th Annual Cultural Evening, ACE: The Most Anticipated Show of the Year

The campus of North South University has been quite busy since the beginning of the month November. Even in the midst of quizzes, assignments and presentations, the students could make time for having a glance at the robust leaflets pasted on the walls of canteen and class-rooms announcing the arrival of a special event. The NSU Plaza, the heart of the campus, was getting decorated from time-to-time, making changes; trying to look at its best. So many preparations and anticipations, all were for the 16th Annual Cultural Evening Show, ACE, the largest and most awaited cultural function of North South University, held at every year end.

This spectacular event is organized by the NSUSS club i.e. North South University Shangskritik Shangathan. The purpose of the event is to represent and reflect the cultural and social issues to the spectators who are the students, faculties and employees of the university. The event is also very different than other shows and programs of the university which is another reason for its success on entertaining the audience accompanied by its distinct style on presentation. The show is mainly based on a particular theme followed by songs, dances and other performances by the students.

This year’s ACE was no different to this rule, leaving the audience evocative of the event till its next year’s appearance. 26th and 27th November 2010 were the d-days of ACE held at the NSU Plaza with the show kicking off at 7.30 and reaching the end successfully by 10 pm. Thousands of students were present on this evening with the passes of the show that were mandatory to bring along. Interested viewers were starting to gather since 6 pm on their formal wear, with ladies on Sarees and gents on Punjabi and Suits.  Among the mentionable guests, well-known faculties, senior students of NSU clubs and NSU graduates of past years were present along with their families. The theme of this year’s Ace was the most common issue we are familiar with today, something that we tend to apply to cope with things that lie beyond our capabilities, `The Mask’. This theme was beautifully portrayed on the drama based on the life-style of today’s generation, performed by the members of NSUSS club.

Followed by a verbal introduction, the drama introduces a casual individual who has to put on this so called mask every time he is faced with the congenial and complications of life. The play was mainly divided into four parts: the first part where the individual, the guy, chats with his girlfriend peacefully, interacting her in a different way than he does with his circle of peers on the second part, having fun, putting a mask of a fun-loving, enthusiastic young man. On the third part he’s shown to work at an office on a part-time job where he has to be nice and calm to his boss and others even though he has a hard time coping with the office pressures and responsibilities. All these times, he is approaching different people differently on the basis of their personalities and the way he assumes is appropriate. It all goes to imply that how a person who can be someone’s boyfriend, friend, employee and son- is hidden behind the mask of different personalities at different times. On the last part, he deals with his mother who does not want to believe that her husband is no more alive in the family, consoling her that he will be back, again putting on a mask, and this time of false consolations.

The drama was followed by other singing and dancing performances in between which, according to the students, helped the whole event to be more compelling. This most anticipated show by the NSUers, 16th Annual Cultural Evening Show, ACE, finally came to an end by Artcell’s renowned composition, `pothchola’ sung by members of all the clubs of North South University together on the stage, letting the audience sing along with the final touch of thrill on their voices.

With the heartfelt effort by everyone who was associated in organizing this evening, undoubtedly, has delivered all the students yet another magnificent event to reminisce for many years to come yet forget the tensions to some extent regarding the semester final which is due no less than weeks!

Article published in The Chorus: 06/12/2010 (local newspaper of Bangladesh)

(Photo: Collected from the Web)


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