This is a letter that I wrote for my younger brother a long time back. I had intended to give this to him the day we go on our separate paths of life where I will no longer be around him. I want him to know about so many things that would come ahead in his future and I just want him to be ready for it. I want him to be confident and embrace any challenge that life would throw.

I have not yet given the letter to him. He is yet to go abroad for his higher studies, I think that would be the perfect time. Till then let me just share it with the world ;)


Dear brother,

“Inspiration will lead you everywhere; eventually it will lead you to your dream”- inspiring is not easy. you have to be so much more and do so many things to be able to inspire. You have to risk your everything, your beliefs and your wisdom. You have to do bad things and then good things too, to know what is the right so that who you are inspiring does not stumble along the way. You have to be firm and sure because what is right is what matters at the end- not the good or bad things you did to get the right thing done.

You have to be arrogant, you have to be rude, you need to be able to find faults in others when they are wrong- but in the process you have to make people think whatever you are doing is not wrong even if it IS. This is the time when you will be building yourself strong.

Convincing and not getting convinced- is the power. You have to convince people that what you believe is right and what other believes is not. This way you will learn to have confidence in yourself.

To be able to inspire, you need to undertake lots of responsibilities- not because it is you people will blame when things do not go as planned- but because it is ‘you’ who ‘you’ will blame for being careless. Having to justify your own-self to you is the toughest and scariest job because you know you cannot hide anything from yourself; you cannot give any excuses. Your inner ‘you’ knows who you are and what your core weaknesses are.

"Our paths may change as life goes along, but the bond between us will remain ever strong".

“Our paths may change as life goes along, but the bond between us will remain ever strong”.

Be very firm to hide your weaknesses from others. Ten people may have ten weakness points altogether and you may have twenty- do not reveal it to them! Do not tell people what you are incapable of doing. Make them know well about your expertise because it is your endless attempts that will push you off to your boundaries. And soon you will be doing what you did not know you were capable of doing.

Be charming, smart, intelligent, fun, adventurous, adept- all at the same time! Yes, why not?! You are what you make yourself. You think you are a fool? Yes, I confidently say you are! You are a fool.  I have never seen such a fool like you ever before. What? You think I have gone over my past records of thousands of people I have known in my life to claim that? No! I said so because you said it! You say you are the most intelligent person in the room? I confidently say, yes, indeed you are. Do you think I rewinded my memory back to history to find that this time too? No! I believed it because you said it yourself!

You are who you ‘think’ you are. I think every person has the potential to aspire and be all the great things in the world. We are what we make out of ourselves.

Learn to love and believe in yourself. Be firm when you make decisions because if it turns out right, you will be happy and if it turns out wrong, you will be wise for the next thousand of decisions!

Do not be afraid to fail and fall because you can and WILL take your life by the collar and have the potential to say, “This is my story and it is not the way I plan to write it.”

Give your 100% on every task and depend on The Almighty Allah for the result. While writing your story, do not forget that He is watching over you and He can change the story anytime He wants because it is Him who holds the pen.

With love,

Your sister


(Featured Image of the pen: Collected from the Web)


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