I think this could be real.. Oh wait it IS real!!

So how much can you trust your hunch?


There are times when I ignore it completely, only to later realize that it was a correct prediction. And as a result I later realize that sometimes it would have been wiser for me if I had trusted my hunches. This one night, I had a hunch that this particular thing that I have been making wait for long would need attention today. Obviously I ignored what I felt only to find out later that I have missed the deadline of its submission.

I also sometimes have dreams that I label as ‘weird’. Sometimes, no, most of the times, my dreams have no meaning. I would often see known/ unknown people to tell or indicate me something that does not relate to my own personal life at all. After a few days or even years, I would find out that this is what I had dreamt of, and this is how the dream relates to the current situation now(!). Sometimes it freaks me out but sometimes I would forget all about it. But there are times when I cannot forget things so easily and then it would haunt me for days.

Is there anyone who have had their intuition/ hunch/ dream come true in any way? Share please, I think it would be interesting :)

(Photo: Collected from the Web)


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