Yesterday night was extremely anxious for the Bangladeshi people. Last night we have witnessed a miraculous incident for more than 12 hours. Let me just resolve the curiosity of what had happened here- At 3:30 PM in Dhaka, a 4 year old kid named Jihad had accidentally fell down on a 17-inches railway pipe that is 600 feet deep(!). This is a kind of mishap that our country and rescue teams had never witnessed before. They struggled with all the modern and traditional equipment they had to rescue the kid whom the crowd had heard crying occasionally. crane-extract-pipeThe police, fire brigadiers and social workers worked together in an attempt to rescue the kid. The students of BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) worked to develop a mechanical rescuer named ‘catcher’ to pull up the kid from the ground. And there was a huge gathering of thousands of people in the area to witness the incident till 3:00 AM at the cold winter night. Millions of helpless viewers like me who were not present in the area, kept watching the matter live on TV till late at night. And we prayed that the kid survives till the end. What amazed me is to watch that how we, the Bangladeshis can stand united when there is need of any help! It felt like that the entire nation has gathered in one spot. One common man named Bashir, with no expertise on rescuing, offered to go inside the pipe and bring the kid up by risking his own life!

As the night went darker, and every rescue attempts failed, we started losing hope. Advanced cameras were sent down the pipe twice to capture any sign of the kid. And what the camera revealed, shocked the whole nation. There was no sign of any human being inside the pipe!


All that can be said is what happened last night was a nightmare for the entire country. The kid is still missing and the rescue operation has been officially called off this morning. We still have no clue of where the kid is and what actually might have happened to him. His parents claim that their child is still inside the pipe despite all the evidences that go against their belief. All I can say is that this could be another unraveled incident in the list of the world’s unknown truths that has no explanation.

**Pictures collected from the online newspapers of Bangladesh

Two hours after having written this post, the kid Jihad was found inside that pipe and was pulled up with the help of a mechanical equipment. He was taken to hospital where the doctors announced him dead after thorough diagnosis. May his soul rest in peace in heaven. Amen.


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