The problem with multinational companies is that they can get any employee they want and as many as they want. And the problem with deserving, eligible job applicants like us is that we will always remain helpless under the hands of their ‘wishes’. They offer job circulars for candidates throughout the country and select only a handful of candidates from a pool of hundreds.
I am very disappointed by how they rule over us and abuse their advantage as a power. I had recently applied for an MNC where they have four stages for recruiting a candidate. I was through to the first stage and appeared on the second stage which was an aptitude test. Having appeared for that test which was composed of two parts: data sufficiency questions and inductive & numerical questions, I was very amused. Surprisingly we were given only 12 minutes to answer the 20 questions for the first part and then again 10 minutes for another 10 questions for the second part. All these time, we could only ‘guess’ the right answer and finish the test because logically it was ‘impossible’ to answer all these questions correct in such a short time. Each of the questions required sufficient time in order to be answered correctly.
I do not know why do these companies design these kinds of tests where their plan is to ultimately cut off 75% of the candidates just like that for the final selection. Do they design their recruitment process this way so that fresh graduates like us can lose our hopes? After the aptitude test we were told that our results will be informed to us in 7-10 days. I waited each day for the result which never came. I called the office several times from where I could gain no information. I wrote to their official Facebook page and all the time they kept on replying the same thing “Please wait, the result will be out soon”. And I kept waiting. As everyday passed, I started hoping for a positive result and my desire to work with the company grew even stronger. I started preparing myself for the next stage which was an hour-long interview. That was the only thing I could do while waiting for my result. I started watching videos of the company in YouTube, and also started following the company in LinkedIn and Facebook. I started gathering all the information I could about the company so that I can be fully prepared for my interview. By this time a month had passed and again I wrote to the company. And again they replied the same “The result will be out soon”. Every time their response was being the same. They did not say for once on whether they have selected any candidates yet for the next stage or not (which I later realized they did).
So I did what they asked for, wait… And then the new year came, which is today, an year with lots of hope for the future. There is a belief that the beginning of a new day tells what the rest of the day would be like. Just like that, a beginning of an year is very crucial to all of us since this might tell how the rest of the year would go. And this is the day when the company chose to inform me the result. With a message in the afternoon, I was informed that I have been rejected to proceed for the next stages. Wow!
I know I cannot just demand to get myself accepted for their ‘Management Trainee’ program of this company, but to what extent is it justifiable that they keep their candidates waiting for 48 days only to inform that they have been rejected? Just because you are an MNC, it does not give you the right to play with the emotions of those people who had shown respect and affection to work with you. Having seen such an act of inconsideration, I would never apply to this company’s position again in future. Because I know, this is not where my career ends. I deserve better than this company has to offer. I do not know how much they have been able to know about me and my capabilities from a mere aptitude test, but what I do know is that they could have gained a much qualified candidate in their company who knows a lot about their internal and external affairs by heart. Here’s a piece of advice for the company for future: Learn to treat your applicants better.

I won’t name the company even though I am extremely disheartened.

(Photo: Collected from the Web)


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