I think there is a problem with me. I might be suffering from an identity crisis. The reason why I think that are my aspirations that do not match with other girls of my age. Every time I log on to Facebook, I would see girls who are showing off their same duck-faces and postures, new hair color and haircut, boundless love for ‘hubbies’ or boyfriends, etc. This is not a problem, of course. The problem is that I do not find interest in doing the same. I feel like either Facebook is too boring for me or I am too boring for Facebook. Just because I do not show off all these, it makes me feel so lonely even in the midst of ‘interesting’ crowds in Facebook.

I cannot be those girls, ever. I do not have attraction in all these things or at least in showing these off. I aspire to be a writer someday. The things that I share the most in my Facebook profile are quotes and famous sayings. I know it does not make me seem any interesting to others, but that’s who I am. I have this own world of mine that I do not like to share with others all the time. I had the opportunity to write earlier too, my articles were published in national newspaper but never did I use my real name in the articles. I do not like to flaunt my achievements. As such, many of my family and friends are unaware of my accomplishments, and it does not bother me because I write to feed my own soul, not others’.

If I ever deactivated my Facebook account, my ‘so called’ friends would never be able to find me even though I can be found all over the internet by ‘Polomi’ my nickname, known only to a few. I have these multiple accounts, Instagram, Twitter, and WordPress, all by this name so that people do not get to know all about me. They will know only as much as I would allow them to. Does that make me different from others?

Sometimes I wonder whether this is my fault that I ‘feel’ different. At least it makes me feel better when I am unable to categorize myself with other people’s characteristics. I do not want to be categorized because this would only make me feel like a typical person. I want to remain different. I am different because I rarely achieve success in my life. I am different because I do not need too many things to be happy. I am different because I have not been in love yet. I am different because I have not gone astray even though there were so many chances of it. I am different because I feel confident even after repeated failures. I am different because I lack capabilities in so many easy things like playing tennis, doing makeups, cooking, etc. I am sure that I must be very good at one thing that would make up for all the things I am bad at today. I will find that thing one day and that day I will understand the true purpose of my life.

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6 thoughts on “Running Away from the Stereotypes of Facebook

  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my entry, as it gave me the chance to read your writings and interesting perspectives.

    I find your sincerity in writing admirable. Keep at it if it makes you happy and gives you something to reach for day by day. Not as something to prove to people, but to simply keep you at ease. I used to highly dislike writing, especially in high school and somewhat in college. I think I had the wrong mindset about it. Often it was simply for an “A” paper. Now, it’s a form of stress relief, which keeps me out of trouble.

    It is okay that you don’t find yourself skilled in conventional things, like tennis, or cooking. But know that there is a good cluster here on WordPress who do find your perspectives and quotes interesting. I look forward to reading more. It’s nice to connect from others from various parts of the world!


  2. It was a pleasure to read your blog and thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment. I do write for my desires only, there is nothing to prove to others.
    And yes, it is nice to have connected to you :)


  3. In this day and age, shielding one’s identity is not necessarily a bad idea. You could come up with a Nom-De-Plume (I think that is what they call it, an alias) and use that. If you Google Boxcarokie.com you get pages of the stuff, if you Google my name, not so much. Either way it works. Your take on FaceBook is spot on.

    Good job ….

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  4. FaceBook, the unnecessary Evil that people find necessary to log in time after time… have no idea what people find in there? I have outlived FaceBook, tho’ it remains active, just for communication purposes and the occasional status update. That’s about it.

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