So ever since the movie promo of ‘The Interview’ was released, a lot of people have been talking about it because of its political approach. I did not know the reason for all the controversies regarding the movie till I did a little research. The movie is actually about two journalists who are ordered by the US CIA to assassinate the leader of North Korea- Kim Jong-un, during the time of their interview.

I must admit that the movie turned out to be an awesome watch. I watched it with my brother late at night when we were being bored to death. Soon after the movie started, we enjoyed and laughed till the end of it. And by the time it ended, we did not even realize that it was half past 2 at midnight!

Having watched the movie I realized why it was so controversial that the Columbia Pictures, the distributor of the film, was threatened to not to release the movie worldwide. There were some pretty strong allegation points made against the North Korean leader. And also, the idea of assassination of a leader of another country by the US seemed too bold to exhibit via a movie. Even though the movie genre is comedy and the screenplay is entirely comical, there is indeed no scope to take the fact of assassination lightly.

I have noticed another thing of Hollywood movies very recently and that is the use of too many extremely colloquial words in the dialogues. These movies use such statements regarding the human internal body parts so openly that it would make it really uncomfortable for anyone watching the movie with another person. Though I enjoyed watching the movie, there were times when I had to pretend like I did not hear certain words while my younger brother was sitting right next to me. I also hate it that they use the F-word so many times as though it is something that is absolutely acceptable. In earlier times, I think such words were censored, but surprisingly these days it’s not! And there were also scenes where certain indecorous notions were explained through hand gestures as though saying it loud was not enough. I am not just talking about this movie only, I have watched similar acts in other movies too. And this is really very disturbing.

I rarely find good movies to watch and this one was worth the time spent. The only setback was the improper words but I guess you cannot expect everything to be perfect out of one package. I usually get impatient for movies that are 2-hours long but this one was of 112 minutes only and I wished there was more to watch.

(Photo: Collected from the Web)


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