Curiosity can sometimes be very overpowering. It would keep on poking you to unravel things you shouldn’t or it will cause you to give things a second thought that you would not have otherwise, once you come to know the truth. In my case, the latter happened.

The incident in Paris was certainly brutal and the news of it is being in every national and international newspapers, online and televisions. There have been tweets and Facebook statuses on it. The CBS News tweeted:

“Today, Paris is the capital of the world”- Quite intriguing, isn’t it? This is where my curiosity led me to. I have not been attentively following the news of it since today. I was reading The New Yorker online and I came across an article titled ‘Unmournable Bodies’. I found this article to be very thought-provoking. Having expressed sincere condolences, the writer Teju Cole, wrote about how we mourn the deaths that take place in the Western societies and ignore the ones that are happening in other corners of the world. This statement, as quoted from his original article, made me read it more than once to realize the significance of what is really happening to this world, “We may not be able to attend to each outrage in every corner of the world, but we should at least pause to consider how it is that mainstream opinion so quickly decides that certain violent deaths are more meaningful, and more worthy of commemoration, than others”. I couldn’t agree more.

Today Paris became the capital of the world in the headlines of international journalism, I wonder how many times Palestine had this privilege when Gaza is being repeatedly attacked by Israel. The only thing that comes to mind after reading more tweets regarding this is, why these biases? Here are some thoughts in the form of tweets by people from various regions of the world, after having watched the world leaders’ unity march in Paris for the deaths of 17 people in the terrorist attack:

At the end of the day my mind is indeed curious and in doubt on whether condolences are really paid on the basis of certain regions of the world. Why do, after all, certain lives matter to the ‘world leaders’ more than the others? If we really live in a free world and wish everyone to possess equal rights, then why do only some get to use the rights and others die unmournable deaths?

P.S.- You can read the article ‘Unmournable Bodies’ by Teju Cole here:

(Photo: Collected from the Web)


2 thoughts on “Mind is Curious

  1. Yes, it does seem rather curious why some deaths receive more news coverage than others. Some are just normal life. Thank you for pointing this out. Thank you for stopping by and liking one of my blogs. I too love to write. I don’t know if I could write all day, like you said, but It does help me when I am sad or lonely. It helps me to process things I don’t understand. Meghan

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