For many ‘habit’ sounds like a dreadful word because it symbolizes something that you have to do very often, if not every day. Habit can either be good or a bad one. People who fear the word ‘habit’ usually fall into the group of those who are not in ‘good’ terms with ‘good’ habits. But even so, there are times when we badly feel the urge of getting into some habits that will be good for us in the long run. Here are some tips on what it takes to form a good habit.

Find alternative– If someone decided to quit smoking, the first thing he/ she must do is find an alternative to it whenever the urge of smoking arises. The best alternative here can be the habit of chewing a gum or play a sport. As per to the experiment of British researchers, their volunteers had a less difficult time on quitting smoking when they were given something else to do as an alternative, which was playing tennis.

Commit– To form a good habit, you must first grow a strong sense of commitment to yourself to stick to it.

Get social– The darkest habits form in your loneliest time. Yes, as frustrating as it may sound, it is true! Lynn Baber, an author and clinician, identified loneliness as one of the three basic causes for addiction or bad habits on one of her online articles. We tend to pick up the habit of smoking when we are not obliged to justify the reason of it to anyone. Smoking and drinking occurs at social parties too, but among a crowd, you know when to stop. A bunch of good people in family or friends will help you in keeping up with good habits.

Keep a journal– Often I have found this to be a GREAT source of motivation for many and myself. I have this journal where I write about my mediocre qualities. On 9th December 2011, I had written about how I lacked confidence in me in times of public speaking. I challenged myself that I could overcome this by improving my presentation skills. On 20th January 2012, I obtained a grade A in my presentation of a major Marketing course. In 3rd-5th March 2012, I worked as an interviewer in the World Marketing Summit. And all these time, I kept writing about these events in my personal diary, with dates. Every time I go back to the past pages and read those journals, I feel more confident about my future. So in order to form a good habit, you need to keep record of your improvement along the way.

One thing to remember is that the strategy that has worked for one, might not work for others in the same manner. Nobody knows your inner self better than you. You must be able to identify what motivates you to stick to a habit that is good for you and remain liable for the ones that do not.

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2 thoughts on “Be Committed; Remain Liable for Your Actions

  1. Thank you so so much for your compliment! I started off writing knowing there will not be much of readers, but what you said has really inspired me and now every time I post a new blog, I will be happy knowing that someone will be enjoying it. Thank you again for giving me a boost-up :)


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