The hardest part of a writer’s job is not deciding what to write about, but rather to choose which one of the many topics to write about. I am no writer but I love writing and it’s almost every day that I struggle deciding which one of the many topics that are leaping in my head, I can choose to write on. And then I end up writing nothing at all… But then something comes up so strikingly that I feel the pressure of writing about it out of a moral responsibility, without further delay.

Today I was watching some videos on YouTube, and as inter-related as these sites are, I was led from one course of video to another. I was first browsing a music video, from there I was led to watch prank videos and finally I landed on watching social experiment videos. It was one video where two young girls were intentionally placed in a busy shopping center in London, where they were pretending to be lost. There was a camera videotaping reactions of people who were passing by. Around 600 people passed by the little girl among whom only one person stopped to notice her! It was a very alarming situation to witness. The video was telecasted in ITN Productions on Channel 5 provoking the idea of protecting children in times of their need. After this video it was manifest that nobody cares.

The next experimental video that I was led to watch was about racism. And this one really got me thinking, what is this world where we are living?

Racism is a too intriguing issue to not to ponder about. In my country where I live, we all possess somewhat similar complexion and so the issue of racism is not that alarming. But in western societies, it literally hurts to see the level of discrimination with which the people of slight different color are treated. The video that I watched was about a woman who appeared for shopping in an uptown outlet and while the security guard and the saleswoman were insulting her, the white people did not care to protest.

I cannot imagine how this is allowed in 21st century where we keep shouting for equalism but when the time comes, we do not care practicing it. ‘Racism’ is a term people, and we are the very ones who created it. If we cannot think of each of us as equal, how can we expect others to treat us equal? Color, race, gender, wealth, and poverty- these do not define who we are; what defines us are our thought, our mentality with which we define others. If you ever see a person of different race being humiliated in public, know that you are the one who is the victim of that humiliation if you do not come out and protest, because you could not overcome your narrow-mindedness of judging people.

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6 thoughts on “Two Alarming Videos on YouTube

  1. Thankfully this one vice is not there in India. But once out of it, prepare to face racism at every walk of your life, irrespective of your skin colour, and because of your skin colour ! Hah ! Sad indeed…but how true, yes very much in 21st century…
    Nice write up :)

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  2. Now the 2nd video which u are talking about is thought provoking. Im against racism .. Whats wrong with the people’s mindset colour is just result of melanin content in our body . we are all human with incredible qualities .. Color doesnt makes anyone inferior .
    Good post.


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