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I just came across this blog post and I really couldn’t help but imagine the distress of this woman. She needs help in terms of fund, I think some prayers would help too. Can we please come up and share her post for others to read? Perhaps we all can’t help, but at least we can make her post reach to the ones who can. May The Almighty bless everyone who attempts to help her raise fund for her husband’s cure. Even if you pray, that would mean a lot!

Time to Vent

This is long, but I need someone to read it. Please.

My husband is sick. Not like, a head cold sick, but like, his heart doesn’t work right, anymore, sick.

He has heart failure with cardiomyopathy. His resting heart rate is around 128. He is 38 years old.

He was diagnosed with CHF in August of 2013 and treated for a year with medications. His condition didn’t improve, but it didn’t worsen. He was still able to work during that time, even though he was tired all the time. (He worked in maintenance at a prison.) After having a heart cath and finding his ejection fraction around 20-25%, his cardiologists suggested surgery to have an ICD put in. After realizing the importance of this in keeping him from having a sudden fatal heart attack, we decided to go ahead with the surgery. The plans were for him to go back…

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