It was a beautiful morning, almost. Birds were still not out of their nests and the sun was still not sure to rise up yet while peeking across the yard. The entire house was in deep sleep, all of its people, dreaming the inordinate beyond pragmatism, all but one, my owner, and the one whom I belong to.

I could see him sitting on the front room, with a book on his hands, reading aloud. I guess it must be the bible. He loves to read it out loud before starting his day. He believes it’s something that protects him through his hard times. As per to this fact, I bet he needs it more than anybody else since very few people has to lead every day with uncertainty; uncertain of the fear of not being able to see another sunrise. The reason is because my owner is on a war, the Second World War and is a solider, a freedom fighter. He has come home on a one day-break from his job with me on yesterday. He has kissed his wife and hugged his children with joy. And I was there all the time, witnessing him. Now I hang along this stand and watch him and his family peacefully. How do I hang on a stand? Because I’m a hat; his lucky hat. A lot of people have complimented him when I sat relaxing over his head. That is why he keeps me with him all the time. I’m like a life time partner of his, apart from his wife. I was there with him all the time, through the war, when he fought with the tanks and heavy weapons. Through his tears which he dropped when reading letters from home. Sometimes over him and sometimes by his side, I was there all the time.

Here my owner has finished reading his bible. He has to leave now for his tent located far from his home and country. He bid goodbye to his family. Everybody was crying except me, because I knew I will be going with him and for this reason I was happy. He rode on his cart and as usual, put me over his head, the perfect place for me to be. Later at night, we reached the tent with millions of stars shining bright over us. I would remember this night. My man lifted me down and put me by his side staring at the high sky which will soon be contaminated by the smoke on tomorrow.

The long awaited tomorrow of yesterday began today. We stood among the dozens of militaries to start our heinous war. We fought with human in exchange of blood, we fought with weapons in exchange of body parts, and we fought on and on. And all this time I was there with him. I fell down frequently but every time he kept picking me up immediately. The scene continued until a ruthless bullet hit his head causing a hole though me. He fell down on the rocky ground with me on his side. For the first time he didn’t pick me up; for the first time the bible forgot to protect him. I laid there scanning his every changing emotion: agonized because of pain; sad because of being unable to be with his family anymore; disappointed for not being able to see the victory of the war. The expression of emotion that I waited to see all this time came at last, of not being able to put me on his head anymore which was now messy with blood. I saw him breath out his last breath eventually. I saw other men arrive with stretcher and carry him off. I saw the plot of the war change every now and then. I saw everything and everyone but no one saw me lying on the spot where my owner broke off his life time partnership agreement with me. I laid there, over the rocks, across the grey bushes, I laid there forever.

(Photos: Collected from the Web)


5 thoughts on “Autobiography of a “Hat”

  1. I love the way make the story known from the position of someone’s hate. Very creative. If we stop and think about what all the hats in the world have witnessed we probably would be in a deep conversation for hours. Thanks for the story. If you have time stop by here on wordpress. I am telling it all eventhough I was advised against it. Thanks again.

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  2. Thank you Shayana for your comment. I have had the chance to look at your blog via the link that you have provided. You wrote about your thoughts in a very intriguing manner in your blogs. I wish you all the best for your book :)


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