It’s very hard to answer this question when you have completed all your benchmarks of standard education and still are in a quandary of what to do next.

A few days back I was reading this article online (a habit that I’m trying to ingrain), where I came to know about this 15 year old Irish teenager who happens to be a CEO of his own founded company (don’t choke yet). The kid said on one of his conferences in Madrid that a rigid education system is prevailing today. He added that in order to become an entrepreneur you do not really need to get education from college when actually you can get it all from the internet, for free.

What evokes a few question at this state of mind is that, do you really know all that you need to know after completing your graduation? Can you really go on to start your own business and practice your entrepreneurial skills? Can you really get all the help you need from the internet? Do we actually have more to learn by ourselves other than gulping it all from an academic institute?

Take a look at some of the successful entrepreneurs of today, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and late Steve Jobs- they were all college dropouts and yet they are the very ones who showed us a whole new dimension of this world. It is amazing how much you can do with your inherent knowledge and abilities rather than approaching conventional academic institutions that would instill nothing but cloned ideas into your minds.

I think an effective education system should be the place where you will be encouraged to believe in your robust ideas. It should be the place where you will be trained on pragmatism rather than theories; a place where you can believe that if you have an idea, you can be the next successful leader, an entrepreneur.

You do not really need a college degree to start working on your ideas. Sure, it will help you form a well-defined plan, but the skill that you would really need is the eagerness to proceed to the next stage. Like Mr. Casey, the 15 year old CEO, you can too build up your own company with a product that would sell at thousands of dollars, just like his did.

Read CEO Casey’s story, “Europe’s Young Entrepreneurs” at The New York Times┬áhere:

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