The Joy of Shopping Online

Sea-green Necklace

“Oh my God, I have to buy it!”- It was only a day before yesterday when a gorgeous sea-green colored, stoned necklace caught my eyes and the craving of possessing it kicked in. I waited another day to confirm whether I need the necklace so urgently. But of course, as they say for a shopaholic, if you think of buying something then it’s wiser to buy it instead of giving way to sleepless nights thinking ‘oh, I should have bought it’. For the record though, I am not a shopaholic.

I took my time and decided of ordering not just one, but 5 necklaces in total :( That’s my way of dealing with confusion- when in doubt, I always end up buying more than one :/

So I went with my inner savant and ordered my desired product online yesterday, at a Facebook page. I was assured of the confirmation of my product later that evening and today, yes today, I have my product right in my hands, all in a duration of less than 24 hours! Wow, pretty cool huh? Who could have predicted shopping online would be so fast, easy and of course, fun?


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