When my brothers and I were young, we used to watch our father exhibit a very keen interest in exploring the culture and its beauty within the country. He is an entrepreneur and so most of his days were spent looking after his business of computer and its hardware in the 1990s. His business stood up in the 1st decade of its initiation and he became busier. But his fascination to the diversity of our culture still remains. Whenever we would ask him about his affection to our culture and tradition, he would always quote Marcus Garvey, the Jamaican political leader, who also believed in the same notion as my father’s, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

Days went by and as I started to explore my own set of interests, surprisingly I found my interests to follow the lead of my father’s! I too, started to grow fascinated by the potteries and baskets made of rich clay and bamboo canes. The process of developing a pot out of soft clay and giving it a shape is very mesmerizing to watch. After having formed the desired shape, the artisans would leave it under the heat of sun for drying, so that it gets ready to be colored by the sunset. And all these steps of manufacturing a mere handful of clay into a beautiful finished product would feel as if the nature itself was part of the team! I remember the first time when I saw a whole bunch of clay and other items made out of natural raw materials in a traditional fair, I felt so proud knowing such delicate yet masterpieces are produced in my very own country.

On a recent trip to a remote region of my country, my father captured the following shots (yes, he still loves to travel around the country in his leisure time to embrace the beauty of our culture):

All of these items are available on the heart of Bangladesh. But for those who do not live here and want to possess one of these, you can contact me and I will find ways to share some of the beauty of my country with you :)

On a short note, with this post I am on my half-century of WordPress blog posts today, yay!


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