So when I started to write this blog, I had to collect some pictures for the video I have shared here. As I started to look at the pictures, I could barely do so for more than a second! It is literally heart-wrenching to watch this lifeless body of a 3 year old lying with his face down on the sand. This kid Aylan Kudir, has become an internationally recognized gesture, because of whom many refugees are now being offered asylum in the European countries in exchange of his life.

When I wonder that this kid is not the only one of his family to die; his mother and his elder brother had to face this tragic death too, I wonder why he is the one everybody talks about the most. And then I realized the essence of the picture. This little kid’s gesture of lying on the ground resembles exactly any other kid who would sleep in his bed after having been tired of playing. Being the person that I am who loves to write, I just fell short of words. Watch the video and you will know why.

Let the Aylan Kurdis play on the sand and not bury their faces on it.


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