“The best part of your academic life will be recalling the days that you have spent enjoying with your friends and teachers”- said Dr. Masudur Rahman, our honorable faculty of MBA class who holds a PhD degree from Wales of UK.

After having finished all your ’mandatory’ studies, there are some of us who like continue with a further degree called MBA. This can be tiring sometimes due to heavy working hours at office that some of us get involved in already. What I didn’t know till my most recent class is that, ‘MBA can be fun too’! Encouraged by our faculty, the students of the class had arranged a party of coke and ice-creams on that day where we savored ourselves in the delicious scoops of Igloo and Mi-Amore ice-cream flavors. We took group selfies and our respected faculty joined us too.


In our first day of the class, when we were introducing ourselves to each other, two especial identities were revealed: personnel from Coke and Igloo (Ice-cream company in Bangladesh) companies. And we made no mistake of noting down the names of these two students, for obvious reasons. When the right time came, they fulfilled their commitment with sheer generosity by distributing free ice-creams and soft-drinks to the entire class of 40 students. And for the first time in our class, it felt like there was no difference of age, gender and career status among us. We all belonged to one place, one community with one common objective: having fun and getting to know each other!

Our faculty said that “networking is the most important aspect of your career”, and I couldn’t agree more with him. Ever since I have joined the club of white-collar people, I have realized the value of networking the most. Being able to know people and interacting with them is purely a skill that needs to be learned well ahead of one’s career and frequently polished. Even the African proverb has it, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others”.

We met a lot of well-educated and established people in our class and more than that we got the opportunity to laugh and talk to each other in a friendlier setting. We thank our faculty from the bottom of our hearts for encouraging us to acknowledge the need of networking in our careers. Having been allowed to have this party, we would certainly have a smile and perhaps also a tear on the corner of our eyes, recalling this day and the spontaneous faces after many years from now.


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