“Enjoyment is not a goal, it is a feeling that accompanies important ongoing activity”- I can relate to these words of Paul Goodman very deeply. There are moments in life when deciding on what you enjoy the most can be difficult. The reason is the time that is too short for doing all the things that one wishes to do. When there is hardly some time though, the body wants to take rest. But looking back to those days when I really could do anything that I wanted, I recall enjoying writing the most. People often take writers in a way as if they should know everything there is to know about what they write. But all writers are not alike. Some of us just want to write because of the joy that comes from it and not because of spreading knowledge to others.

I soon came to realize that writing is where I can find an inner self who is not bound by any limits or restrictions of society; this is where I can be who I want to be and pour my heart out that I cannot otherwise. I write about current affairs of the world, book reviews and personal encounters. My joy knows no confinements every time I achieve one new follower or reader on my blogging site who reads my posts and tells me how much they loved it. It is a sheer feeling of delight realizing that even though these readers do not know me, could connect with me via my writings. Today I am able to connect with thousands of people around the globe just because I write. This is why I enjoy writing the most. This is perhaps what keeps me going with my hobby of writing even in the midst of office work loads and MBA studies.

When I was in the third grade of my school, I remember participating in a contest of creative writing where I wrote about the story of independence of Bangladesh. I felt so proud to have won the 2nd place out of the 150 students in the contest. I remember my English teacher telling me that day, “The life on earth is too short to enjoy the things you love to do. You should never give up on doing what makes you happy”. I can recall her words so well even today that it haunts me whenever I put down my pen from writing something thinking I have got other important tasks to do. I enjoy writing mostly because I can write about anything that goes on in my mind. It gives me utter pleasure to read the old pages of my diary where I wrote about my memories. I can relive the moments that once gave me happiness; I can feel the joy and happiness all over again. My stories of successes and pains in life written in the pages of old diaries give me strength and courage to fight the imminent difficult times.

All the incidents of love and friendship written down in some pages come back to me like it was only yesterday. It is very important for one to find that one thing in life that gives the person utter joy in doing it because life in the end, is a collection of events that we have truly lived, without any constraints. And those events are the ones that we had enjoyed the most.


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14 thoughts on “What do I enjoy the most in life and why do I enjoy it

  1. Writing things down in the dairies and then reading after years will indeed make you feel as if the incidents happen just yesterday.
    Writing has it’s own silent power.
    Nicely written and a beautiful post.😊

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