Everybody is busting with work around the office today. It’s like a busy honeycomb in here. Even the new intern is having a pretty busy time assisting her HR boss. The person sitting next to my workstation is having a hard time remembering which task to start after finishing the one at hand. The time is flying by so quickly around them and I am just having a less tight schedule than others. Watching everyone moving around with this much of work load gives you the feeling that you might not be giving just as much input to your work. At times when I’m sitting idle, I listen to the sound of papers flying across the desks and documents getting punched and stapled. The continuous sound of printing and scanning acts as a reminder of the busy corporate life. Is this how a typical office supposed to be? Perhaps yes.

Even in the corridors there are people talking on their phones with other dignitaries. I have heard more deals to be made around the hallways than on the desks. People are so busy during the office hours that it’s like there are deals made and cancelled every passing hour. We have this coffee break towards the last hour of the first half the day when we sit for some time with our colleagues, make our own coffee/ tea, dip some biscuits and chat along for a few minutes. This is my favorite time of the day because I have a few stress-free minutes to spare at this hour and we can talk just about anything. Somedays we even sing along when the weather is windy. And then comes the lunch hour when everybody is so hungry that running for an unoccupied table in the pantry becomes the first thought before doing anything else.

Few things that I have learnt about myself ever since I turned into a fully-fledged job-goer are that I’m very impatient when it comes to finishing my work at hand. Till I’m done, I cannot take rest no matter how much I want to. My work keeps me up and gets me tensed till I’m done completing it. Now you might consider this to be a good thing. It is a good thing when I’m the sole member of my team but when I’m working with a team of more than one, this habit of mine actually bothers others. People seldom want to race at work on other people’s pace and this too I have realized while working with others. We are soon going to have a team-building event proposed by our company and I think I really will learn a useful thing or two then. Till then, let the papers make along noise enough to accompany the orchestra of a busy office day while someone patiently listens to its melody..


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5 thoughts on “A Melodious Corporate Day

  1. Now this is something nice . u grow impatient because u feel committed to ur work. U feel restless till u find a solution. I remember my initial days as a fresher when I used to get up at mid night just to try random ideas and code it to see if it works ..

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  2. To add onto the last point – I am like you, i won’t even go to the restroom if i have work in hand (of course, not if i can’t hold anymore)…but i delay it more often than not.

    And, i had this colleague who would say – Alok, no point in completing the work before time. If you do that, you would be considered very efficient and would be allotted more work every time…then you will have issues!

    I now prefer to maintain a balance, that way enjoying life and work!

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    • Yes, that’s a very crucial point you’ve added here. When we are too driven to finish our work in hand on time, people tend to delegate more tasks to us and this definitely creates issues. Maintaining a work-life balance is something we should never forget to maintain, for our own benefits. Thank you for dropping by :)


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