The cool stuffs Marketing does

deadpool-meme-billboard-ad-skull-poo-letter-lMarketing is a very interesting subject especially when you have found out its various tools and techniques. The things that you can accomplish with the approach of marketing will truly blow your mind. Recently the advertisements of Deadpool must not have skipped your notice. For days I remained puzzled about that white billboard that had 2 symbols (poop and a skull) and an L at the end which read ‘coming at the theaters’ below. For people like me ( I should count in most of us) who had trouble finding what it meant, must have done a little bit of research to understand it. And that’s where Marketing secretly played its role. When you actively engage yourself to find out something about a product/ service (in our case, the movie), it stimulates a curiosity and helps grow an interest in the topic. I definitely want to watch this movie now!


I remember when I was young, I watched this advertisement where a riddle was given and in order to purchase the product you must know the answer to the riddle. Though many people were not interested in the product, they still chose to purchase it just to participate in the quiz and have fun. This is something that the mobile phone OnePlus Two did last year. The phone restricted its sale to people who received invitation to purchase it. While many people cursed the notion, I found it to be pretty smart! The OnePlus Two is an affordable device that has all the competencies of any renowned smart phones today, yet having to receive an invitation to purchase it made it seem a brand just as valuable like any other because to purchase even an iPhone, you wouldn’t need an invitation. The brand demonstrated a strong sense of confidence through this marketing strategy.

144361_110329170142_yoyo2002_2aAnother smart marketing technique I remember was a gathering of crowd, participating in a sporty event in the middle of the road. Ever heard of Yo-Yo? I would rewind your mind to the good old days when we used to be crazy about this flat circular ball that had a rope tied to it with one of our fingers. This thing came in all colors! Some were sparkly glossy while others were transparent. This game was sponsored by Coca-Cola where the person who won gained Yo-Yos with Coca-Cola logo and also a couple of this free beverage. It’s an incident of years ago and see how vividly I remember the brand? Just because we enjoyed being a part of this event, the details remained clearly in our minds.

We are yet to see some of the great marketing campaigns in future as the coolest techniques of technology and marketing continues to unveil in the same pace.


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