Learning something only becomes interesting when you get to practice it in real life. I learned a thing or two regarding Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – a major HR agenda during my studies, but I got to know the emphasis of it only when I was asked to generate ideas of EVP for my own company, BASE Technologies. In simple words, EVP refers to the benefits and rewards that employees receive in exchange of their time and efforts given to the company that they work in. Luckily, ‘Constructive criticism’ is one of the most common things that every employee partakes during their coffee-break conversations at office and perhaps this is the best opportunity for the HR to take notes, secretly of course. I too participated in such conversations and exchanged points that can motivate us for our work. If I could categorize our discussion points into the 5 segments according to my research, then this is how it would look like:

Work environment:

  • Since the size of our pantry is not proportional to the number of employees of the two offices, we can split the 2-hour lunch time into one hour for each office. This would help reduce the rush and crowd significantly.
  • Sitting at the desks for long hours often causes drowsiness which affects work a lot. To avoid such situation employees can be allowed to have sips of coffee at their individual desks.
  • To make employees feel more special at their special days, birthdays can be celebrated at office once every month for all employees having birthdays that month. This would enable to create a more enjoyable workplace.

Inspirational leadership:

  • Employees can be taken out for outdoor activities and inspiration on leadership skills twice every year for full-day.


  • Overtime pay system can be established so that employees do not take it as a burden to work longer than their working hours and instead do it with priority and content hearts.

Career & development:

  • We can run a survey on employees on half-yearly basis to know what changes they would like to see in the organization or in their career lines. This would help create clarity in their minds regarding their job roles and also enable them to focus more on their jobs.

Performance feedback:

  • Employees need their contributions to be recognized and their work to be appreciated. We often get advices on things that went wrong but we do not get applause just that often on things that went right. This culture of respecting and admiring works should be built.

I also think that it is essential for a company to have an EVP statement and share it with current and prospective employees so that they can realize that they are part of a big project in the company. A proposed EVP statement for BASE Technologies is: “Encircled by innovation and diversification, our team is always one step closer towards achieving our missions”.

Now tell me about one EVP that your organization practices which enables you to be more motivated towards your work.


12 thoughts on “Your Employees Matter!

  1. Hi Polomi, sorry it’s been longer than I thought to get back to you. In my experience employers need to remember these things:
    1) Your employee’s are working for you to make your dreams, taking any of them for granted is mistake as they have dreams too and if they’re not living their dreams they will go elsewhere to find them.
    2) Be honest but kind, nothing is ever is ever achieved from making your employees feel bad or resentful. They will not work harder for you if you if they don’t feel good about where they work.
    3) Give them a reasonable working environment, cutting corners or saving money id counter productive as they won’t feel as if they’re valued if you make them work in a cheap or crappy environment.
    4) Pay them well and if you can reward them, it doesn’t have to be much but make them feel appreciated.
    5) Talk to your employee’s find out about them don’t become a boss without any presence in the company or who your staff rarely see.

    How’s that my friend? :-)

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