Have you ever seen a place so beautiful that it makes you skip a beat or two? Well, I have and every time I look at the photos that I took of the place, it brings back all the memories that I have lived with it!

Just two days back when my family decided to visit a place outside the town, I thought of accompanying them. And what a great idea it was! We visited this place called ‘Zinda Park’ that is located at Gajipur, Bangladesh. It was just a day that we could spare out of our busy lives yet it felt like we lived many days in this span of one day only. We woke up at the earliest hour of 6:00 AM and went to sleep as late as 11:00 PM. Needless to say, exhaustion could do very little to reduce our energy and enthusiasm.

It was a place full of green which helped my eyes relax a bit out of the world of concrete I see everyday. I am a lover of rain so it was a bonus point for me to watch it rain in the forest. I even danced in the rain hahaa! On top of everything, I got the opportunity to exhibit some of my amateur photography skills, so bonus points for that too. It amazed me how a single day out of the routine can make such a difference emotionally; not to forget, physically as well. I have burnt over 1700 calories and walked 5200 steps in just a day, as per my Fun Fit mobile app!

Here welcoming you all to live my memories of the day through my eyes and soul :)





22 thoughts on “Living life in just a day!

  1. Beautiful imagery . So serene , beautiful & tranquil it looks . Thanks for sharing such wonderful post . I have been to Bangladesh long back . I guess , almost 15 yrs ago. But I haven’t been to this place . This post makes me revive my memories of my former visit to Bangladesh . I have been to Dhaka . 😊 Hope u’re having a gr8 day!

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    • Thank you so much! I’m glad I could portray my own feelings of this place in a manner that could allow others to revive their memories. I hope you get to visit Bangladesh again and this place too. Thanks for dropping by :)

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  2. The last statement wasn’t indeed true, I was able to enjoy the beauty and feel the peace that you experienced through your eyes and soul. It wouldn’t do justice to the place if I say that that reading a post like this can be an alternative to actually visiting, but at times this does help when you are not fortunate enough to visit it.


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