Never have I found TV commercials more interesting till I had to take the course of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication). It’s a Marketing course at MBA level that students are required to take. During my course of study, I had to watch multiple ads/ commercials on YouTube as a reference. I realized that these are the same ads that I have watched multiple times before, as a regular consumer, but never have I watched it in a way when I’m getting to understand the actual meaning of it.

When a certain ad is telecasted in the TV, there are multiple appeals that the advertisers choose from to attract consumers’ attention. These appeals can be of humor, fear, dramatization, happiness, slice-of-life, etc. I watched many ads after coming to learn about these appeals. This Volkswagen ad below is created with the dramatization appeal that keeps consumers on their toe till the last shot of screen:

The following ad however demonstrates a fear appeal to consumers to make them quit smoking:

Humor appeal is the most used by advertisers because these ads get to bring people in a positive mood immediately and also helps in retaining the brand to memory for a long time. I personally remember the ad of Evian drinking water that works as the best example of humor appeal for me:

And not to forget about the Coca Cola ads when it comes to the happiness appeal:

How do advertising appeals work though? In layman terms, advertising appeals are supposed to create a bonding between the brand and the consumers which thus influences towards a purchasing decision. How this influence will occur is what matters to these creative ad makers.

Anyhow, Marketing is an interesting subject to learn ;)


19 thoughts on “Advertising Appeals

  1. My husband and I talked a lot about this very subject when he did his MBA a couple of years ago. Interesting thing, isn’t it… I look at advertising in an entirely different way since then. I don’t like the ones that push the fear factor. I enjoy the ones that make me relax the most.

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  2. This post had a lot of really good points. I totally agree with you. Now that I know the tactics that advertisers use when creating commercials, they are more fun to watch. I really enjoy trying to figure out their process and evaluating their commercials. I like that you included videos of the advertisements so we could follow along with your blog post. I remember seeing the Evian water commercial and it is still just as funny and disturbing. HAHA! Great post!

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    • I’m so glad you could obtain useful information from my blog post. I included the videos for the exact reason you mentioned. The Evian water commercial is one of my favorites though! Thanks for stopping by :)


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