Relationship Status: “It’s Complicated”

“Stop asking me about him. Haven’t you checked my Facebook profile lately?”

-“What? No, I haven’t!”

“I have changed my relationship status. It’s complicated now.”

…which basically means they are no longer in a relationship.

You must be thinking what this is all about. Let me just make this lucid for you, I am talking about the ‘complicated’ relationships that are faced by many these days and understood by few. So what exactly is a “complicated” relationship?

I think that when we talk about things being easy or complex, we actually talk about ourselves and the way we tend to handle those things. Last night was pretty hectic as I witnessed a woman getting angry on her husband for inviting too many people at home without prior notice. This was not the sole reason for her anger though. The reason were the kids who were running here and there, spoiling and destructing all the home decors leading to too much of cleaning and mobbing. I understand that none of these were neither intended nor anticipated by the husband and yet he was being accused of “uncaring” by the wife.


If we take a deeper look at their emotional level, it gets easier to see that the problem arose from a mere miscommunication. If the husband had realized the effort his wife would go through for this sudden invitation, he might not even have planned it in the first place.  Or say if the wife had understood the situation in which her husband had to invite the people, she might not have been upset about this so much. Would we now say that they are in a ‘complicated relationship’? Yes, we might.

Complicated relationship does not necessarily need be defined. ‘Complicated’ is a term we humans coined to deal with complicated situations that we are unable to handle by ourselves. We end up blaming the partner for our inefficiency in handling with certain situations. I can’t think of a better way to deal with such situations but I CAN tell that a little more patience to understand the reasons behind situations like this might help people coping with their “complicated relationships”.


6 thoughts on “Relationship Status: “It’s Complicated”

  1. For me when people say its complicated it means they aren’t willing to continue the relationship and are looking ways to move apart..
    Somehow suppressing emotions inside and without clear communication with each other.
    Yes as u said it. Could be a matter of walking in each other’s shoes and take decisions also..

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