I’ve figured that life can be a lot less complicated if we practice the idea of organizing here. I’m no professional organizer but I always like to organize my things in my most convenient ways, be it my room, my computer desktop or even my mobile apps. It sometimes freaks other people out who are working with me, but hey when I got to use my things, I got to do it my way!

So I would share some of my ways of organizing things that has made my life a lot easier. Starting from my mobile apps first:

I’ve got to admit, I’ve got too many apps in my phone and most of these are necessary in my day-to-day life. So I’ve categorized my apps into 5 main divisions:

The essentials– this is where I keep those apps that I would use on a daily basis like Scribble (notepad ), Fun Fit (fitness app), Calculator, Dictionary, Alarm clock, Voice recorder, TinyScanner, Calendar, Settings (allows me to change any setting of the phone), and a food app (lets me order food anytime, anywhere).

Social networks– yeah as the name suggests, I would keep all my social networking apps in this division like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Skype, Messenger, YouTube, Hangout and Share It.

MUSIC!!– this is that one division that I cannot absolutely go without. Here I got music (my phone’s playlists), Spotify (ooh yeah) and FM radio (not much of a radio listener but still have to keep it categorized, you know!)

Photography– here I got all my photo-editing apps in one place, being the amateur photographer that I am who would keep taking photos of anything that catches the eye. My photo-editing essential apps are SnapSeed, Picsart, PhotoWonder, Snapchat, Instagrid, Layout. I also keep my Gallery here so that I can easily browse through my photos and edit as necessary, all from the same page of apps.

Talk business– now this division is all about some serious businesses. Here I got apps like LinkedIn, Google Drive, all my emails accounts, File manager and WordPress.


That been said, my room and my wardrobe is no different. I haven’t really given much thought to the décor of my room as long as my possessions are neatly placed where I want them to be.

I’ve got 7 divisions in my wardrobe and I have categorized each for my bags, shoes, regular clothing, occasional clothing, accessories, important files and academic and professional certificates.

I’ve been thinking of organizing my books lately but I would admit, I’ve got very less books other than textbooks. I prefer to read my novels on notepads or even on my phone these days which allows me to read it whenever and wherever I want., IF I would read that is. Not much of an avid reader here.

So yeah that’s how I keep my part of the world a little more organized which only ends up saving me a lot of time, space and hassles. Are you a bit of an organizer yourself too? Would love to get to know your ways of doing it!

Image clips: collected from the internet.


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