This morning, I came across a viral video in the internet and though it was 5-minutes long (quite long in proportion to the time we tend to lend to anything these days) I watched it till the end. It grabbed my attention with the very title of it and the way it was demonstrated. The video portrays a prosecutor who is defending his case against a ‘system’; our ‘modern day schooling system’. It was interesting to watch because everything he said was indisputable.

At one point he demonstrates many things that got changed over the span of years yet the one thing that has remained the same is the education system. Why? Why are we not demanding change in something that shapes us as a person, our values, our aims and our capabilities? The video was a pleasure to watch as it went on establishing the connection of the educational system with the popular saying of Albert Einstein- “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole believing that it is stupid”.


We want people to change, we want people to think differently yet we fail to acknowledge how important it is to first ‘allow’ people to think different by not making everyone follow the same rules and regulations of classroom.  But it’s not the teachers to be blamed, the video depicts, it’s the policymakers who impose the same rules to be followed in educating the students.

What would I have done differently if I had the responsibility of educating and shaping an young mind? I am no professional but I think it would be wise to first get to know the background of each of the students and learn how each one differs from the other in as much depth as possible. This would then allow me to cater to the learning needs of each students who do not have the same learning capabilities. This is a time-consuming process but a very effective one considering the young minds need as much of our time in growing up as we can provide.

Not everyone thinks and learns the same way as others- is the whole point that’s being missed out time and again by this age-old system.




25 thoughts on “The Education System Needs to Change

  1. Good thought….But not practical…..and let me tell you….parents are the first teachers and motivators of any child… education starts from home…….everybody talks about system…… But one shouldn’t be forgetting that the same system brought us to this level………finally nobody can stop an extra ordinary mind which has the ability to excel through cloudy Sky…..

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    • Of course education starts from home first, but the shaping of it continues at school. This is the institution where one either learns more about his/ her capabilities or gets demotivated because of the same way they’re all taught to think. Albert Einstein himself had trouble adjusting to the norms of the regular academic system and we all know what an extraordinary creative mind he had :)

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        • I was referring to all types of kids, within which the matter of catering to individual needs arises. Yes I’m very happy to have reached where I am today but I think this journey could have been made more fun and creative :)

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            • It’s so that we stop talking and start thinking about how we can bring the change, posts like these are written. Things like these take time to change, it’s a good thing that there are people who have started realizing the seriousness about the issue.


  2. My comment will encompass many things and none of them in depth. Just touching on some of the things being said. Since the institution of formal education people have screamed for change. One of the problems in education, as noted, the policy makers do not understand the dynamics of the classroom/educator relationship when making policy.
    I have heard the argument concerning what the rest of the world is doing vs. what we are doing. The problem with that line of thinking is that the cultural aspects of each nation examined is differing to ours. Even within our own school systems there are 2 factors that will determine success or failure. One is School Factors – the building, educators, supplies, etc. and the non-school factors- home life, culture of the student, economics, etc. One factor can be controlled and the other cannot. With these variables, the dynamics of the classroom system changes from year to year. Educators must be able to assess their classroom culture, develop relationships, maintain district policy, and meet federal policy.
    As far as individualized learning, there are assessments that determine what the student needs and how best to present the material to the student so that they master the content. My favorite is Student Based Learning, which is where the student self-assess and makes decisions about their learning and what they need to be successful.
    I do agree that there are serious changes that need to be made to a system that is still producing product from a bygone era. One of those changes would be to de-Federalize the system and put it back into the hands of the communities. My favorite learning theory is “Mastery Learning”, so far. Thanks for bringing up such an important topic.

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    • Firstly, thank you Anniekling for taking the time to compose your opinion with such elaboration. You have correctly identified out the possible reason behind the unchanged education system even after so many years- the 2 factor theory that is. Student based learning is what I’ve been trying to prioritize on too, I think this is the method that can create the need-based learning for students as per to their learning capabilities. It also provides room for creativity which is diminishing in the modern schooling system. From your detailed comment, I am assuming that you are involved with any academic institution perhaps? I am no expert with the process of de-Federalizing the system which you have mentioned but I do hope that someday we can move forward with whatever it is necessary to bring change to the system of a bygone era. Thank you once again for having given so much thought to this blog post :) I truly believe that change begins with our thoughts first.


      • Polomi, thank you for the response. I have a Master of Science in Education -Instruction and Learning. Change is just one movement from where you are, one step to the side, or as you say – with a thought. Creating learning environments where the student becomes mastery oriented and intrinsically motivated, takes devoted educators who believe in the student’s success, and perhaps a more realistic view from the policy makers :). I look forward to more posts from you on this subject ~ Annie

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  3. Great post, but I have to ask this: you say we should be connecting with each child and student as individuals, learning about their backgrounds and learning styles. However, how would this be practically implemented? I understand your thoughts on how we uniformly shape Students into a lump, but how could it be changed? I hope you don’t take this as hate. I agree with you and your message, but I see this message everywhere, and I am not sure how this could exactly be implemented.

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    • Hi lynnterature, I would definitely not take your comment as hate! This concern of implementing a change is a long-term process that would need several experiments and patience to decide on what would work out as the best possible solution for the learners. The opinion that I have provided is a reflection of a general idea only that suggests and invites more ideas on what can specifically be done to improve the current scenario of education system. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)


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