If you’re at some point of your life wondering why some things haven’t changed for you while in so many of others have, you need to read this post.

  1. Inflexibility towards change– You probably never gave chance to anything new. Having said that, it means you have done or have chosen to do things in pretty much the same way. The more you allow yourself to be flexible and open-minded to things that are new for you, the more you would be able to learn and find out what works the best for you, something that you would never know if you kept doing things in the same way.
  2. Comparing yourself with others– You just noticed someone with a better hair color or a better ride than yours? Did it make you feel bad about yourself? If it did, you’re in a very wrong state of emotion my friend. You should never let yourself feel low just by seeing someone in a state better than yours. The only thing you should allow yourself to feel then is happiness. happiness for the person and a desire to see yourself in the same position by hard-work and persistence.
  3. Valuing quantity over quality– We are in an age today where everybody values materialism over generosity and happiness. Rumi clarifies this point in the best way: “You descended from the pure word of God. but you turned your sight to the empty show of this world. Alas, how can you be satisfied with so little? So come, return to the root of the root of your soul”. Look for quality more than quantity and learn to value it.
  4. Not believing in self– We often do not have the courage to believe in our own capabilities and this is very wrong. You must learn to believe in yourself even when no one does. You think you’ll fail or make mistakes by following your own guts? Well let some mistakes to be made for you will only end up learning a lot from them.
  5. Not loving yourself– When was the last time you checked the mirror and admired your beauty or thought about getting yourself something over others? If not in a near time, you should really get into the habit of it. Teach yourself to love and prioritize yourself the most. If you do not see loving yourself more than others, you will be making compromises that your future-self will curse you for. And when you will learn to love yourself, you will always automatically seek for new opportunities to get yourself in a better place.

So next time you’re willing to see changes in your life, start by starting with yourself :)


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16 thoughts on “5 Things Holding You Back

  1. Polomiiiiiii my favorite.. What an excellent post. As usual.. U said it so well . crystal clear. It’s either reluctant to go beyond comfort zone or feeling inferior about self that hold back from doing amazing work.. Absolutely incredible post

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    • Hi arv! I found inspiration for this post from the very frustration of some people around me. I felt like the points as mentioned in the post, are very obvious that these people are missing out to consider, hence the attempt to list it out. Thank you very much for your compliment, really appreciate the encouragement :)

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      • Polomi! These are very valid points which any sane person can understand if he or she thinks about it. I have come to conclusion that humans somehow attract negative thoughts easily. It does take some effort to stay positive. It’s like a sunglass, you have to wear one!! :)


  2. Like said in one of the comments, I really love reading your blogs and I do rate you as one of my favourites, purely because your blog is more about reconstructing an individual. Making a difference to the world starts with rebuilding ourselves and I’m glad I’ve found that inspiration in you. Looking forward to be transformed by you!

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  3. Wonderful post, and so true! Many people cannot slow down long enough to think things through, while others may not have even been taught how to do so. With all the things that children learn in school, critical thinking is certainly not one of them, but OH how it should be! It frames everything. Thank you for fleshing this out.

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