Having studied on the Marketing dimension, I guess it was obvious for me to have stirred an interest in writing storylines for a product/ service at some point of time. I recently wrote a storyline for an imaginary product’s commercial. I assumed the product to be a “Tourist Spot” for which I also tried producing an appealing tagline in the end. So here sharing the storyline..

Plot- 1

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter.. Raindrops falling on the tea-cups from across the window-pane. Just beside the cups is a letter resting, written by one sister to another. The first line reads: “Let’s plan a trip together like the good old times, off the luxury and known places!” There are luggage resting inside of a cottage indicating that there are people here from town- two girls, for a vacation. Allowing the teas to get cold, the sisters come out of the cottage and start dancing in the rain. It’s a beautiful place with full of green and blue around. In-between of the rows of tall green trees there is a lake that holds plenty of pink lotuses floating on the surface. The sisters suddenly notice a flock of ducks approaching them from that lake. One of the ducks come closer to the girls and just when the younger sister reaches out her hand to touch it, it spreads its wings wide across and turns into a beautiful big swan. The swan then surrounds the girls with its vast wings and the three of them disappear with a spark of light.


The girls and the swan follows a rainbow and slips into a wooden home through it. It’s a home with wooden stairs, wooden chairs, wooden table, wooden walls and wooden beds- almost like the girls’ childhood tree-house. It reminds the elder sister of how she had her friends invited at their tree house and how they all had the best sleepover night ever! She almost senses a teardrop rolling down her cheeks which the swan wipes off with its wings before she could. Then the younger sister reaches a big wooden window pane of 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide; she gazes down and notices a green playground below. It was almost like she could see herself playing in the ground with mud all over her. Just as she was looking downwards, across the staircase, she feels a palm resting on her shoulder. It’s her mum, holding a glass of milk and giving her a look which reveals it’s been like the 100th time that the girls avoided from having it on time. The girls swiftly turn their backs on their mother and stealthily escape the wooden home with the friendly swan by their sides.


The swan takes the girls on its back and swims off to a beach-like place that has glowing lights all over. The place gives a feeling that there’s a celebration going on. The elder sister sees herself in a bridal attire as she slowly takes her steps across a bridge. There are hundreds of people and their families around staring at the newly wedded couple. The younger sister finds herself too, crying as she bids her sister farewell. As the elder sister enter the car for home while holding her younger sister’s hand, the chauffeur turns out to be the swan itself and once again it takes the girls along and flees the place.

Plot- 4

The girls suddenly feel raindrops on their cheeks and they realize that all this time they were living in a dream that took them back to their memories of growing up and getting apart. They start giggling and realize that visiting this place far out of town has been nothing but a destination that helped bring family, love, and memories together. They realize that this place gives people the chance to reminisce good old days when they are out of their busy networks and technological advancements of the city. It allows people to get together!

Tagline: Miles apart from the city, Close to family & memories!


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