So the other day I found a very interesting video to watch in my suggested videos of YouTube. I am subscribed to the channel of Tedx Talks and it was a video where a wonderful woman talks about relationships. She is Tracy McMillan- a television writer and a relationship author. The video was interesting because the person who is giving advice on relationships is a three-time divorcee. You must be wondering why would you be interested to listen to someone who is herself a failure in the subject, but here’s the thing- she discovered herself in the midst of her struggle with her relationships with other people. And that’s something a lot of us struggle in, finding yourself and consequently making the right decisions for yourself.

Tracy emphasizes on the point that how much important it is to first understand the relationship that you have with yourself- thus in her words: “Marry yourself”. It might sound hilarious but I think there is a lot to take in from these just two words. We often find ourselves in difficult states only because we are not content with the decision that we took for ourselves. You only suffer from your decision when you think it has not been the wisest one you made. When you marry yourself you realize that you already have everything you need out of your life.

Think about it this way, what if you took a decision that you know will work out for you. We often decide things before doing it without thinking if we truly have the strength or capacity to perform the task. We take more load than we can take. But why? To satisfy whom? If we are to take a decision for the betterment of our own self, isn’t it only fair to think of our own strengths and priorities first? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you now know the emphasis of those two words “Marry yourself”.

We often do not try as much to understand our own selves as much as we try to understand the feelings of others. Be painfully honest with yourself about your limits. Make yourself matter to you first and then to the others. Love yourself and let your inner self make statements to others. If you love yourself enough, you will never have to make a decision that may turn out to be difficult for you to handle in future. Save yourself all the struggles and stresses that come with a wrong decision. In simpler and explicit words- “Marry yourself” because when you do, you agree to stay with you no matter what.

Here’s concluding by quoting Tracy one more time- “The places where you have the biggest challenges are the places where you have the most to get”.

P.S. Follow this link to watch the video if interested:



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