The moment I stepped in, a gentle breeze passed by my side and made me shiver a little. I got a little confused of what to expect from this place but with every passing moment I became more confident of my decision to get here of which I have heard of so much for so long. Walking towards the arena made me listen to the whistle of the vibrant wind so deeply that it gave me the feeling of a bird that’s flapping its wings high up in the sky.


Nilgiri is a land of mountains that reside in the midst of the white clouds and blue watercourses. When you reach the peak with your jeep, you can see the line of horizon between the lands and the sky right in front of your eyes. You can also see all the mountains, clouds and rivers from atop and trust me, that view is worth watching once in a lifetime!


Nilgiri is the highest hill resort of Bangladesh that captures the drama of clouds and silver moonlight beautifully. It is located 47 km South-East of Bandarban town on Chimbuk Range at a height of 2400 feet from the sea level. You have to get to this place via an adventurous ride along a way that’s edgy and spiral all the way to the peak of the highland. The word Nilgiri is a Bengali term which means ‘the land of blue’. The surrounding of this place would literally offer everything in the shade of blue that you are bound to become an admirer of this color.


We, my husband and I (yes, I’ve got married very recently), stayed there for a day and the memories that we collected in just this one day seemed to be enough to last us a lifetime. We reached the place by the threshold of early evening and so it wasn’t long till the night rolled in. And oh what a beautiful night it was to look at! When I looked up in the sky there were hundreds of stars shining so bright that my shoulders started to ache and yet I kept gazing up. In the evening, we sat on a wooden bench right across the edge of the mountains and sipped into our hot cups of tea. We then stared at the distant sights for as far as our eyes could lead us on. We named this site of the bench ‘our spot’ because we indeed had the times of our lives sitting and chatting in this very spot.


When the night-sky became exhausted, we climbed into our blankets as it was very cold outside and eagerly waited for the sunrise to peek in. It was as early as 5.45AM when the alarm went off and I couldn’t wait to climb out and reach our spot to watch the magnificent sunrise. Here’s a photo that depicts merely half the beauty of the actual view of sunrise. I had a hard time managing my hair which was going in all the directions with the tender waves of the wind.


There were beautiful cottages on the peak of the land of where we stayed. Each cottage had a beautiful balcony and nearby of it was located a spacious cafeteria from where you can view the greens and blues of the beautiful Nilgiri from the spectacular height.



After having captured all the views and the beautiful experiences in our hearts and camera frames, it was time to bid farewell to this dreamy land. I wish we could have stayed longer but then I guessed that sometimes it’s better to carry very little of what you love the most so that you can cherish it for a longer time, by mixing it with half your imagination and half your incomplete desire to return..




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