How depression got hold of me

 I cannot really recall how it happened but what I do realize now that depression is a gradual process that starts from being ‘ineffective’ to ‘largely impactful’. For those who can realize about its growth can start isolating themselves from it by taking appropriate steps or medicines maybe. But for me it didn’t happen that way. As I have already mentioned, I realized I was suffering from depression only after months.

Now when I look back at how depression really got hold of me, I hold Facebook to be largely responsible. Facebook and other social media has a huge role to play in making you feel in a certain way. It can either make you feel like you are at the top of the world or it will make you feel like you belong to nowhere. Yes, it’s that destructive.

I was going through a tough phase of my life. There were multiple reasons to make me feel the way I felt. I had a great job but I felt like I wasn’t being fully utilized in my job. Each day was a struggle and by the time I reached my home there was nothing much left to do other than having dinner and going to sleep for next day’s office. So I left my job that I was once so passionate about. There were other personal matters that made me stress out completely.

In between those stresses, I had started applying for jobs and got calls for interviews from multiple of them. Each applications consisted of 3-4 steps and even though I passed all the stages I got rejected after the interviews and it hurt me terribly. I would keep trying for these job applications in the midst of my exams and assignments yet the end result would be a rejection. All these incidents kept me pushing towards depression step by step and I started becoming its prey without even knowing.


To be continued…

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12 thoughts on “Story of How I Defeated my Depression (Series: Part-2)

  1. I always feel that Facebook increases anxiety… That others are enjoying life and you aren’t! It’s a phony world….. Fakebook actually. Although many will disagree… Its okay if they do.

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