Measures you can take to suppress depression

I will talk about how I suppressed mine. The measures that helped me overcome it might not help you or others in similar way but I would still talk about it hoping it would help.

  1. Quit social media

This option itself will allow you to get rid of over 50% of your depression. You don’t believe it? Try avoiding it for a week and you will see the difference. Facebook is a display of fantasy of people posting only the positivity of their life which can make you feel like you have none. New job, wedding, new purchases, etc. will make you feel like you have nothing going on in your own life. And this is very depressing. You must understand there are many things going on in your life too but the difference is you are not much of a bragger to go on and talk about it. So try quitting it and live your life offline where you do not have to see everybody’s fake posts all the time and press ‘like’ on it even though you don’t want to. Live your life unobligated.

  1. Get yourself out of your comfort zone

I often found myself to be unaware of my stress when I was in the midst of people and gatherings. I used to forget about my own problems then and live in the moment. Only when I got back to my own room that it all started growing again. So the bottom line is to take yourself out of your comfort zone and forget about what’s happening to you in the inside for as long as you can.

  1. Try to delete the things that trigger you to feel bad

It is hard to believe but things like particular songs, places, food, atmosphere, etc do have the ability to remind you about people or moments associated with it. So every time you see that happening with any of your particular memory, try to re-establish the link between that memory and you or let go of it completely by deleting it from your hard-drive or your own memory. Yes, be that bold if you have to be and help yourself come out of what’s holding you back.

  1. Maintain a good diet

Drink a lot of water and fresh fruits. Be out on sunlight and walk. Walk for a good 15 minutes before you go to sleep each night.

  1. Listen to good music

Make a whole new playlist if you have to. Spotify is a great music app where you can create your own playlist with the millions of songs available on the app itself.

  1. Make bond with your old music instrument

Take out your dusty old music instrument, if you have any, and start playing it again. This will help you divert your mind from the stress.


To be continued…

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