Measures you can take to suppress depression

(continued from last Part-3)

  1. Stop overthinking

You need to stop caring about your thoughts too much. Stop thinking that there’s something trying to halt you from leading a normal life. I have realized that I am blessed with a roof over my head, food on my table and place to sleep on each night- and this makes me 10 times richer than most of the people in the world. So what have I got to worry till I lose it all?

  1. Take care of yourself

We often forget to take good care of ourselves in the midst of our busy schedule. I found that there are cracks on my feet and I never did anything about it. There were cracks on my lips and I never cared enough to apply Vaseline on it. There were pimples on my cheeks and throats and even though I felt bad when people provided their uninvited suggestions on how to fix it, I never cared! So now I am trying to take care of myself. I have bought an expensive product to fix my acne problems and it makes me feel good to see how fast I am recovering. It makes me look forward to the next day of my life to see the progress. I have found that I’m a happier person when my body and skin are happy.

  1. Find out what makes you happy and do it!

I love to write and I often wrote about how I felt in my blogs. Even though I didn’t publish those blogs, it made me feel good to have let out my feelings.

  1. Talk to others about your problems but be careful of whom you talk about it to

I once talked about my problems to a friend of mine and there’s a problem when you talk to others: they might try to help and give you advice that would not go with your current situation. And this can backfire. I found myself to be more stressed having discussed with my friend. So here’s a suggestion: talk to someone who knows about what you are going through. Do not open up to just about anyone, open up to the person who knows about your current situation.

  1. Ignore social media of you have to

Your depression will take the worst shape if you provide yourself with the access to compare yourself with others, continuously. Each time I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed, I found myself to be comparing with the other people I came across my newsfeed. Be it a dream holiday or a dream job or wedding plan- it all would mess with my head and make me feel worse. The moment when I stopped visiting Facebook as often, I started to appreciate the little things of my own life. I also always felt socially obliged to post news about myself just by getting to have so much of others to read everyday! And this is not a good sign. You should only post when you feel like posting it for the sake of yourself and not others.


To be continued…

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