Part- 4

What sort of medical treatment I was going through

 I did not go to any psychologist or doctor for any sort of treatment. I kind of knew that the medicine to this disorder is with me already. All I needed is to regain my lost confidence and so I knew that nobody but me can help me bring back my confidence to myself.

However there were a couple of medicines that did help me get over this period and I was largely depended on it for some time. One is the ‘Paracetamol’ tablet which gave me instant but temporary relief. I took this tablet almost on a daily basis because I felt like it was the only thing that could make me feel better. But of course, I was wrong. Each tablet was of 500 mg, so you can guess that I was doing myself more harm than good by having it. I had to think of an alternative and that’s when someone suggested me a different tablet which was of much lesser mg, the ‘Norium’ tablet- only 10 mg. I was suggested to take it every day which actually helped me get a sound sleep every night without the constant headache.

I have also been inhaling the ‘Vicks’ vapor balm every time I felt the headache but this too I had stopped once I started having the Norium tablet because I no longer felt the necessity of inhaling the Vicks.


P.S. These are medicines that worked for me and I do not guarantee and/ or suggest that it will work for others in the same way. For medical advise please follow your doctor’s suggestion only.


To be continued…

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