Part- 5 

What would I do if depression starts hitting back on me again 

Depression may reoccur at any point of your life if you have not been able to treat it completely. So what would I do if I start getting vibes of it again?

  1. “Everything is just fine”

I would keep reassuring myself that everything is just fine and will fall into the right places no matter how messed they seem right now. This works as a powerful factor to combat depressive moods.

  1. Take control of your life

You need to keep reminding yourself that no matter how uncontrollable things look, they are in fact 100% under your control. When you take control of your life and tell yourself that you can handle it, you can actually handle anything and everything.

  1. Keep yourself engaged

Be engaged in activities for most of the day no matter how small those are. The lesser idle time you give to yourself, the lesser depression will get hold of you.

  1. Doesn’t matter what people think

Stop thinking what people thinks of you. The truth is everybody is busy with their own lives, so stop criticizing yourself if something doesn’t seem to have fallen into place. Nobody cares but you! And even if anybody does, why should you care? It’s your life, do what you want to and don’t do what you don’t want to.


To be continued…

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