Part- 6

How I see life after depression

I’ve seen life in its lowest form. It has affected me both physically and mentally during the time of my depression. Depression has left some of its affects behind with me that I still go on to face, though not as severely. I still feel numb sometimes, but the strength of it has reduced a lot. I have vomited twice only afterwards the depression and I have not lost my balance ever since. I have learnt a lot from this phase of my life. I have learnt that each of us has our own pace of moving forward in our lives. You cannot feel bad about yourself just because things are not happening to you at the time it’s happening to others.

I have learnt to be patient. I noticed that I saved lots of images and quotes in my phone that are of the motivating sort. I figured that the whole time I was saving these photos in my phone, I was actually looking for ways to motivate myself of something that I wasn’t aware was holding me back. I was trying to free myself of things that I didn’t know were hurting me. Those were my fear, my lack of confidence, and my lack of respect for my own desires. I hurt myself the most by not being able to say “no” to others when I most wanted to. I learned these too were things that caused me to fall into depression.

So now after having been able to identify the faults in me, I have been able to see my life the way I have always wanted to see- charming and merry! I have learnt to keep myself happy by taking care of me. I have learnt that it’s okay to not to be doing something all the time, it’s okay if you have nothing at hand to do. It’s okay if all you did today was listening to your inner voice and did things that made you happy like listening to music, baking, playing your favorite instrument or just reading a book. At the end of the day, it’s your life. The ultimate key to a successful life is being content with yourself, with exactly where you are at the moment and with exactly whom you are. Try to belong to the time and place you are now.


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