Marry Yourself

So the other day I found a very interesting video to watch in my suggested videos of YouTube. I am subscribed to the channel of Tedx Talks and it was a video where a wonderful woman talks about relationships. She is Tracy McMillan- a television writer and a relationship author. The video was interesting because…Read more Marry Yourself


17th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2016 Exhibition

Happy New Year 2017 people! So it's been a great year with so many notable events and there's been this one that I could not just miss writing about. I love viewing artworks and this exhibition- '17th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2016' was worth visiting. The concept of the exhibition was to showcase the artistic heritage…Read more 17th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2016 Exhibition

Storyline of a Tourist Spot

Having studied on the Marketing dimension, I guess it was obvious for me to have stirred an interest in writing storylines for a product/ service at some point of time. I recently wrote a storyline for an imaginary product's commercial. I assumed the product to be a "Tourist Spot" for which I also tried producing an appealing…Read more Storyline of a Tourist Spot

Dhaka Lit Fest: The annual international literary festival

It might sound strange when I say that no matter how much I love to write, I'm not much of an avid reader. Even then, when I heard of this lit (literature) fest, which has been taking place here in Dhaka every year since 2012, I could not resist the urge to check out what…Read more Dhaka Lit Fest: The annual international literary festival

The Social Experiment- Facebook

So it's been a while and I've been up to something, experimenting actually, with a concept that has been keeping me up for some time. We all use Facebook more or less in our daily lives, posting status updates and comments, checking notifications, uploading photos, adding/ removing/ tagging friends, checking-in to places, and sharing current…Read more The Social Experiment- Facebook