The Social Experiment- Facebook

So it's been a while and I've been up to something, experimenting actually, with a concept that has been keeping me up for some time. We all use Facebook more or less in our daily lives, posting status updates and comments, checking notifications, uploading photos, adding/ removing/ tagging friends, checking-in to places, and sharing current…Read more The Social Experiment- Facebook


Advertising Appeals

Never have I found TV commercials more interesting till I had to take the course of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication). It's a Marketing course at MBA level that students are required to take. During my course of study, I had to watch multiple ads/ commercials on YouTube as a reference. I realized that these are…Read more Advertising Appeals

What do I enjoy the most in life and why do I enjoy it

“Enjoyment is not a goal, it is a feeling that accompanies important ongoing activity”- I can relate to these words of Paul Goodman very deeply. There are moments in life when deciding on what you enjoy the most can be difficult. The reason is the time that is too short for doing all the things…Read more What do I enjoy the most in life and why do I enjoy it