Storyline of a Tourist Spot

Having studied on the Marketing dimension, I guess it was obvious for me to have stirred an interest¬†in writing storylines for a product/ service at some point of time. I recently wrote a storyline for an imaginary product's commercial. I assumed the product to be a "Tourist Spot" for which I also tried¬†producing an appealing…Read more Storyline of a Tourist Spot


A lesson from the Cart-puller

The man's keeping on collecting things from what would seem like a pile of waste to the many of us. The first look at that waste would give you the idea that there's nothing useful in there yet that man, whose cart awaits at a distance of 1 foot from him, is keep coming back…Read more A lesson from the Cart-puller

Advertising Appeals

Never have I found TV commercials more interesting till I had to take the course of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication). It's a Marketing course at MBA level that students are required to take. During my course of study, I had to watch multiple ads/ commercials on YouTube as a reference. I realized that these are…Read more Advertising Appeals

The cool stuffs Marketing does

Marketing is a very interesting subject especially when you have found out its various tools and techniques. The things that you can accomplish with the approach of marketing will truly blow your mind. Recently the advertisements of Deadpool must not have skipped your notice. For days I remained puzzled about that white billboard that had…Read more The cool stuffs Marketing does